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  1. Strat-Man-Do

    NGD Mahogany Deluxe Special

    09 with LSR Roller Nut. Thanks Yea I caught the Tat.
  2. Strat-Man-Do

    NGD Mahogany Deluxe Special

    Yup -----way to much light for the Digital Camera.
  3. Strat-Man-Do

    Lines in my new strat's finish

    Oh I see what your saying, ya those are just on some Strats more than others.
  4. Strat-Man-Do


    OH ya, Roller Nut? Did you put 10-46s on that? Is it an issue? Or no big deal? Nice set-up!
  5. Strat-Man-Do

    Lines in my new strat's finish

    Black is a tough finish bro. Anyone who paints will tell you, nothing is as difficult to come out perfect than Black and similiar Dark colors. Every little flaw shows. And when you wipe them down once? You have swirl marks.
  6. Strat-Man-Do

    Lines in my new strat's finish

    Congrats, ya be careful with a wheel. I use them but I like Virtuosa and 3M white compound swirl remover
  7. Strat-Man-Do

    Highway One under-rated?

    I just came from Sam Ash there s an 06 Crimson Red? I think thats what they are called. But its Rosewood SSS and darn near mint. BUt the tag is $499. And you could probly walk out with it a few bucks cheaper. Small headstock early Greasebucket which I like better than the newer. New Haven...
  8. Strat-Man-Do

    Strat Lite Ash

    I pulled this all apart and went though it. Fret ends needed to be filed other than that it sounds and plays great. Good tonal match with my Mahogany. Alnico II Pros sound good. Brass 2-point bridge is a nice touch. Abalone dots with a Birdseye Maple is cool. Needed a few hours of fret end work...
  9. Strat-Man-Do

    NGD Mahogany Deluxe Special

    Wound up picking this up last night. Great feel to it. Roller Nut S-1 switching etc. Plays great not sold on the pick-ups but with my other Strat its fine to cover a different tonal range. Nce 2-piece body, good weight. I like it.
  10. Strat-Man-Do

    Blank Neck Plate?

    Thats how they come, just like the HWy-1s.
  11. Strat-Man-Do

    NGD Xaviere strat

    I know Jay and Dave well and do much with Parts there. You can wind up with a Great Strat or Tele tone and feel. The issue there is the Korean Maple. Its definatly softer then USA or Canadian. So truss Rod adjustments are more fequent especially with maple board necks. No a big deal, but...
  12. Strat-Man-Do

    NGD - EJ Strat!

    I love them Nice Axe!
  13. Strat-Man-Do

    Blank Neck Plate?

    Where is your guitar made? Some have blanks like the HWY-1s and Specials. MIM Standards. On the other hand the Lite Ash Strats are ingraved. What modal do you have exactly? What exact Strat do you have?
  14. Strat-Man-Do

    Mahogany Deluxe Specials

    You guys own or play one? I A/B'd one with my MIA Strat last night. While I thought the Strat was QC'd well. The Tex-Max pups with Diamond back humbucker definatly left a LOT to be desired. What a noicable difference in Tone. My MIA blew it out of the water. The other thing is the LSR...
  15. Strat-Man-Do

    Can someone give me some advice on replacing a neck.

    You have to watch out with Slab Board Necks or Korean Fenders etc. Use a machinists 6-inch ruler check the width and depth of the pocket. In other words let me give you an example. I wanted to put a Robert Cray Slab Board 61 on a Jimmy Vaughn Strat. While the ocket fit. The height of the Cray...
  16. Strat-Man-Do

    Help Choosing Locking Tuners

    The F-Stamped are staggered. The older are not staggered. I like the staggered. Gotoh also make great Locking Tuners
  17. Strat-Man-Do

    Highway One under-rated?

    BTW I really wanted to trade the guy for the Mahogany Special. You know the model right? Black finished headstock Crimson Body? But it had to weight 10lbs. And the pick-ups didn't compare to any of my Strats. Including a 60 reverse Woodstock with 69s in it. It was just not cost effective. If...
  18. Strat-Man-Do

    Highway One under-rated?

    Whatever you use Bro, wrap a cotton cloth around it. I bought a used Gibson Blueshawk............The ONLY issue with the Gibson was the marks left by a guitar stand and how it affected the Nitro. But yes, it does happen, Now I use cotton tee shirts and rags and sew them neatly to the stand...
  19. Strat-Man-Do

    Highway One under-rated?

    I have a Ash Lite Strat I bought in a Pawn Shop Sat for $200. The Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pros alone are worht the price. I added CTS Pots and a MIA Fender switch and wired the Tone control to the bridge. I A/B's it to my HWY-1? I love the neck SD pup and though about swapping the entire...
  20. Strat-Man-Do

    Highway One under-rated?

    Here's "why" I play a HWY-1. First off I prefer the Original Vintage Trem as Boris mentioned above. With a short Trem arm. I added Great Saddles, Better Steel body screws, The PING TUNERS BLOW, I added Gotoh staggered Locking Tuners. Listen now. I like the large headstocks I started playing...
  21. Strat-Man-Do

    Another NGD!! Another 60's RW Strat!!

    Yea the necks are nice
  22. Strat-Man-Do

    NGD Lite Ash Strat.

    It all done. I'll post new photos tommorrow. Thanks.
  23. Strat-Man-Do

    Best kluson style tuners

    SHiiiiiT... Gotoh are pretty good for the $$$. I'm a believer in there product.
  24. Strat-Man-Do

    NGD. The Mexican.

    Probly just wet sanded it. I wouldn't mess with it. I just stripped one a fellow tried to relic. Major work my brother. GFS sells the MIM Steel Vintage style Block/Saddles for what $30? Tough to beat for that. Good Luck with it..enjoy.
  25. Strat-Man-Do

    What's up with Fender AM STD 1995?

    Yea 2000 the HWY-1 wasn't out was it? I think 2002? But yea it wouldn't be Nitro and would be American Series.