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  1. Old Tone

    Instruments: Used or New & Why.

    Every guitar I bought, was "NEW" to me!
  2. Old Tone

    Should I buy a shimmed guitar?

    IMHO, using a shim is a way to get a different type of neck relief. My preferred set up is a dead straight neck (no relief) and angled with a shim. This has a 2 fold advantage, first, it gives the neck a fluent/linear/consistent action from the 1st thru the 21st fret, instead of relief that...
  3. Old Tone

    Relic help - burn?

    I have found great success in simulating sweat/dirt by soaking steel wool in vinegar. Put a clump of steel wool in a small container (say an old peanut butter plastic container with a screw on lid) and pour just enough vinegar to cover it. It may take a few weeks to totally dissolve...
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    Who's Playing Telecasters...

    By all means.
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    Buying a 1971-1974 Stratocaster would appreciate any advice!

    Wow did Slarty hit the nail on the head! As an old dude who also hung out regularly in music shops in the 70's, I can say objectively that Slarty speaks like a person who was actually there. Valuable info for a person(s) considering an early 70's Strat. He is dead on regarding how swapping...
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    Buying a 1971-1974 Stratocaster would appreciate any advice!

    Partsie: Pure and simple, a 70's Strat is a "tweener", sandwiched between the Leo years and the William Schultz era. Gone were the labor intensive multi-layer lacquer finishes, cloth wiring, hand wound pickups, high strength steel bridges, heel truss rods, etc.. Hello to the 3-bolt neck...
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    1966 Neck Stamp Font

    Not for nothing, but when it comes to vintage authentication, the more I research, the less I know. My confusion grows further after seeing numerous “authenticated” photos, held side-by-side. Fender (same as others) all have small variances regarding the writing, marks, finish holes, etc...
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    Custom shop vs 70s strat

    I'm very late to this post, but what the he11..... If old dudes matter, allow me to enter my 2 cents worth regarding the “70’s Strat’s”. In 1979, I purchased a 3-bolt, bullet truss rod ’73 Strat, secondhand for $225. It is a typical black, maple fretboard tremolo equipped Strat. It is ash...