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  1. GlockandRoll

    Played my first vintage Strat today, a 59 refinish

    I'm too scared of buying a fake to spend big money on vintage. I've seen too many copies in Austin that are so good you'd be surprised. The only vintage I have now is a 72 Strat that was, if you can believe it, built the day I was born.
  2. GlockandRoll

    Trying to decide - inexpensive amp questions

    I have a fender mustang 2 that I bought on FB marketplace for $80 4 years ago, and I keep it under my desk in my office for stress relief between calls. It's fantastic for low-volume practice and I can get some really great tones out of it. My suggestion, however,is save up a bit more and get a...
  3. GlockandRoll

    Why own more than one strat?

    I'm legally bound to only 1 woman via contracts with both the state and God. Therefore, I collect cars, guns, and guitars :)
  4. GlockandRoll

    new guitar amplifier day

    1. Neo magnet speaker. (planned as I have a Marshal+Fender wet/dry rig and the Origin 20c is waaay lighter. ) 2. Pre-amp tube swap in position one to AT7, I did this to mine and it's amazing!
  5. GlockandRoll

    I find it rather amusing...

    This is my 1st "real" guitar, a 91 Stratocaster that I purchased new in New Orleans, in the summer of 91 after saving Christmas and birthday money while in college. Her name is Victoria, I played at least 3 dozen Stratocasters between 7-8 music stores in person before selecting her because of...
  6. GlockandRoll

    Strangest Strat Wiring I've Ever Seen

    Just get a King Tone strat knob to replace the 2nd tone and also a free-way 5-way/10-position pickup switch and have the most versatile guitar imaginable!!! King tone switch demo: free-way 5-way/10-position pickup switch demo:
  7. GlockandRoll

    Where to put batteries on a strat

    There are USB rechargeable 9v batteries that you can store in the body cavity and then flush-mount a USB C connector into the back or leave the cable in the term cavity.
  8. GlockandRoll

    I've definitely been bitten by the American Vintage I (AV) bug

    I've been tempted to grab one myself and have it professionally relic'd along with a few other tasteful mods, such as a bridge pickup, etc.
  9. GlockandRoll

    My treat for going through hell and selling 2/3rds of my collection over the last 2 years.

    Yeah, I'll spare all the details, but I've lost almost everything. I was out of work for a long time, and had a squatter take advantage of me who was neither sick, nor unemployed, and then when I was just getting ready to go back to work I got sick. REALLY sick. And, well, I'm part of a research...
  10. GlockandRoll

    My treat for going through hell and selling 2/3rds of my collection over the last 2 years.

    The pandemic hit me hard financially, even physically; and I'll spare all the sad details of how much I have lost, because many have lost more, including their lives. Nonetheless, the last 2 years have required me to sell about 2/3rds of my 30-year-old collection of guitars including some...
  11. GlockandRoll

    A question about Neck Radius and Fret Size.

    I have an Asian EVH Wolfgang special hardtail, that has - and I'm not kidding - the best playing neck I've ever felt in over 30 years of guitar collecting. It's a 12-16" compound radius with polished vintage SS frets and an asymmetrical back profile like the original Kramer/EBMM et al. It...
  12. GlockandRoll

    My band is always having some kind of trouble.

    I was just about to join a cool band here in Austin that does a mix of originals and classic rock, right around Feb of 2020. We haven't even gotten together and jammed since then because people moved away, etc.
  13. GlockandRoll

    Resale value of Fender Custom Shop 54 reissue Strat made in 1993

    I'm sure it's a great playing/sounding guitar, but you have a partscaster, not a custom shop. Honestly, I'd part it out, sell the body with neck plate and CS certificate for the most $, then sell the loaded guard and neck. 3 different reverb/eBay auctions. But worth it.
  14. GlockandRoll

    Is there really a difference?

    The question is so poorly worded that I cannot understand what you are even asking. Can you reduce it to a simple, direct question? It reads like: Having only eaten at Denny's after midnight except for 4 times after going to see a movie (grand slam breakfast with extra bacon) I am curious as to...
  15. GlockandRoll

    2010 American Special HSS: Fender got this right, with 2 exceptions!

    yeah, I havent 3 gaurds sitting here and trying to decide. One thing I've thought about doing, was putting a nickle cover on the bridge and seeing how I like that.
  16. GlockandRoll

    2010 American Special HSS: Fender got this right, with 2 exceptions!

    The bridge PU is too hot, so I swapped it to my sweet and mellow favorite, Duncan pearly gates. And it didn't come with locking tuners. Both of those are resolved, as well as polished frets and a setup job I've gotten rather good at over 30 years.... and it's magical now. Everything about this...
  17. GlockandRoll

    DiMarzio HS-2 vs virtual solo bridge?

    Oh man, even better.. I freaking LOVE P90s!!!
  18. GlockandRoll

    Strat thinks it’s a Tele

    Every time I hear/read someone trashing Tx specials, I can't help but wonder if they have them wired wrong, wrong caps/pots, etc. I have had several guitars over the years with TX specials, and have at least 3 HSS strats now with SD hum bridge and 2 Tx specials in N+M, and it's the best combo I...
  19. GlockandRoll

    DiMarzio HS-2 vs virtual solo bridge?

    That's perfect. I'm going to install it today, thanks.