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  1. grritz

    Look what I got for $150

    Well, it shore don' look jen-yoo-ine. But fer $150 it looks like a player! Enjoy!
  2. grritz

    I'm Not Gonna But If I Was

    Rolandson: You are my hero!
  3. grritz

    I'm Not Gonna But If I Was

    grritz here... AntStrat is right...I've bought and sold a LOT of amps during the past year or so. But one I did NOT sell is the Supro Delta King 10. Whenever I play it, there's that moment of delight when I plug it in, followed by the joy of just listening to her as I go through an evening. I...
  4. grritz

    Tube amp decision

    This to the 10th power! I mentioned my Supro Delta King, and it's a good amp, but...the best advice I can give you is to echo what others have said here about the search for the amp you want: 1. Only you have your ears and only you know the tone you're looking for. 2. may not know the...
  5. grritz

    Tube amp decision

    Another vote for the Supra Delta King. Mine is the 5-watt version with 10” speaker. It may be small but it has BIG sound! You can get one on Reverb for $350-$400 used. Or post a WTB note here and see if anyone here is interested in selling his.
  6. grritz

    I like this……..I think

    Made me gag.
  7. grritz

    It's gone to Colorado. Hate that I had to sell it, but it just wasn't the"it" amp I've been...

    It's gone to Colorado. Hate that I had to sell it, but it just wasn't the"it" amp I've been looking for...and I really don't like stowing such a great amp in a closet when someone else an enjoy it.
  8. grritz

    How’s your string supply?

    Wow. I thought I was overdoing it by having 3-4 sets in the drawer. Some of you are string fiends!
  9. grritz

    Rough day for my buddy

    Sorry about Ruckus. I hope this helps: We had a rescue Greyhound a few years back who was struck by a car. Front right leg had to go. We felt sorry for Dixie but she didn't feel sorry for herself! After her convalescence, she was running sprints in our back yard just as always. Sooooo glad we...
  10. grritz


    These are all excellent suggestions. I'm still learning to solo, so sometimes I steal something I've heard, sometimes I try to play without thinking...but always staying in key...and always looking for the tonic note that I can target or come back to at the end of the solo.
  11. grritz

    Input jack driving me bonkers….

    Yeah…that’s happened to me a couple times!
  12. grritz

    Squier logo 'update' ???

    I like it…it IS a step newer, without being drastically so.
  13. grritz

    Guitar collector. Amp snob?

    Whatever floats yer boat.
  14. grritz

    Guitar collector. Amp snob?

    Nice collection! I have four amps at the moment...going for number five.
  15. grritz

    Recycle bottle with cap on

    Ah. I was wondering if that's what they meant. I'll keep a spare baseball cap near our recycling bin, so I can put it on whenever I toss a bottle in. BTW, in our city, they tell us NOT to recycle glass bottles. Whut?
  16. grritz

    Guitar collector. Amp snob?

    Certainly worth a try. I recall seeing one at a Guitar Center recently. If you're close enough to one, you might give them a call and see if they have one on the floor that you can try out.
  17. grritz

    Recycle bottle with cap on

    A wad of pre-chewed Big Bob's Beef Jerky to the first person who can tell me why I'm told to "recycle bottle with cap on." Have at it!
  18. grritz

    Guitar collector. Amp snob?

    I like my Delta King 10 (5w with 10" speaker) a lot. I don't play it every day but when I do, it's always with a sense of "I'm gonna love this." Especially if I'm doin' the blues.
  19. grritz

    Guitar collector. Amp snob?

    I used to liked him...until he went over to the dark side. Poor Mark...I feel sorry for him. Maybe I shouldn't, but I'm thinking that, when he joined Gibson, he wasn't aware he was gonna be the "play authentic" guy.
  20. grritz

    Guitar collector. Amp snob?

    Check out the Supro Delta King. Comes as a 5 watt or 15 watt. I have the 5 and it’s w-a-y loud enough for me! Punchy little amp!
  21. grritz

    Confessions of an amp fiend...the next chapter

    AND THEN LATER, I saw this: "...if I don’t immediately like a guitar (or amp, etc.), I have rarely 'grown to like it.'” That's me.
  22. grritz

    Guitar collector. Amp snob?

    So...did you just dissect my words?