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    Is this possible?

    No Problem!
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    Are relics still cool?

    Not sure but about 80% of what I sell are relics. I like ice cream!
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    Neck Pocket Gap in a Fender Custom Shop Strat 59 LTD is this normal?

    This looks wrong to me. The fret ends are horrible, not polished at all, the relicing does not look like CS, and that gap and the body edge around pocket all look suspect. I would need to see neck stamp, body stamp, and COA.
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    The Great Pickup Winders Directory List

    K-Line Guitars and Pickups, pickups since 2018.
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    2019 Player Stratocaster too bright / harsh / spiky

    Look at the cap, .047 is nice. You could even try a .1. Check the pots, they may be running high. You may just need a set of pickups that are less bright. Maybe something with plain enamel wire in the upper 5 to low 6K range.
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    K-Line Springfield Review by Dave Hunter

    Won editor's choice! Click here
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    K-Line Pickups

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    Help me with Fret Size

    6125 is a great all around size. .095"x.047". Jescar.
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    Variation in pickup winding and design

    Ok. But materials matter. Also getting consistent materials matters more. That is my subjective opinion I suppose.
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    Pelham Blue S Style Question

    Aged Ice Blue takes on a gold cast when aged. Very cool!
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    K-Line Pickups
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    K-Line pickups

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    K-Line pickups

    Thanks my friend!
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    Mellow Strat pickups

    K-Line makes a low wind A2 set called the Signature S. Nice and mellow.
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    Lucky Dog vs Fender

    John, I did not clear anything with Fender. They reject everything as a rule. However, they do not hold a solid trademark on the 50's strat headstock anyways so as long as it has some fundamental changes, then you are good. Now, trying to find something that people do not find offensive or...
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    Variation in pickup winding and design

    One thing that is for certain, if anyone has been successful at creating very good sounding pickups, they will not give you the whole story. I have been winding pickups on and off for 5 years learning what works and what does not. I am now just nearing the launch of said pickups. I have...
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    Best way to clean a fretboard?

    Use a nice soft cloth to remove any gunk. Nothing else is really needed. I would caution oiling the fretboard too often, at most, once a year. I use Stew Mac Fretboard conditioner on all new builds. My personal guitar that I oiled at birth in 1997 has never been oiled again. Over oiling can...
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    Fender color site

    My avatar is the real Fender 60's version from DuPont. One of the coolest Fender colors ever!
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    painting a body with auto paint

    You can also clear over 2K bases with nitro. I use DuPont Chromabase as the base color. Works like a charm. You can also reduce the base with reg thinner as long as it is high grade.
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    String spacing on Fender bridge

    If the mounting is vintage, the Wilkinson Vintage trem is awesome. I use them pretty much exclusively.
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    Olympic White (aging)

    The fun of OW is that it can be whatever you want it to be. The original DuPont 8550 has a grey hue to it, very slight. I add a drop or two of yellow to knock off the brightness. Add more if you want a more aged look.