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    Favorite Strat Pickups

    I've got a lot of Strats. I think I like: 1) CS 1965 2) CS 1954 60th Anniversary RI 3) Pure Vintage 1965 4) Fullerton era 57/62 Also like the Suhr V70 and the Lindy Fralin Blues Special
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    Played my first vintage Strat today, a 59 refinish

    Some are meh but some are great. Just like now.
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    Why own more than one strat?

    I own 7. They're all a bit different, I'm considering selling one or two. But I'm a professional musician so each one was a tax deduction. If you're a hobbyist or on a tight budget then that's completely different. One great strat might be enough.
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    Guitar collector. Amp snob?

    I've got 25 - 30 amps, crazy I know but all are different and usable. Nearly 80 instruments too. When I was a busy studio guy I actually used all of them, now I'm kinda semi retired. (Not by choice, lol.) Its way too many to maintain, insure, keep track of, etc. But I'm definitely not a snob.
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    How long did it take you to find your perfect Strat?

    Still looking for the perfect strat after 55 years of playing. Currently have 7 strats, all are cool but none of them is "the one". Maybe its me.
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    Identifying my old Stratocaster

    As others have said you have to pull the neck to see the date.
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    Bad frets on new strat

    If it were just the frets I'd advise getting them taken care of. But you're saying the guitar has other issues. In that case I'd return it and move on.
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    63 Brownface Deluxe Hand Built - Belated NAD

    Looks great. I have a '63 brown Fender Deluxe, like it a lot for certain things in the studio. Suhr makes one called the Hombre. There's one at a local studio here. Sounds good, kind of in the same territory, I prefer my '63 but it could be just older components, who knows?
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    Gonna buy a Les Paul soon need some advice

    Epiphone or maybe the new Sire Larry Carlton?
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    So who actually loves the Strat bridge pickup sound?

    The bridge pickup is great for overdrive sounds IF you roll the tone control back by 40% or so. Otherwise it bites your head off.
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    NGD - 2008 Road Worn Stratocaster in Olympic White

    Really like my 2010 60's Roadworn sunburst. Changed out the trem block for a stainless steel, changed the p/u's to Fender 65's. Had to trim the sides of the frets after a year or so. But overall a really good, lightweight, great sounding Strat. As good as any of my Custom Shop or vintage models...
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    How many electrics do you own at the moment?

    37. Is that too many? 28 amps too.
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    What do you call a vintage reissue that is now old enough to be a vintage guitar in itself?

    I was wondering about that too. I have a 1983 '57 reissue Strat in vintage white that I bought new. Wish I'd kept all the case candy, nobody cared about that stuff back then, lol.
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    NGD 1989 Fender Stratocaster (from trading!)

    I had a 1989 American Standard sunburst as my main Strat for many years. Modded it a bit - staggered Sperzel tuners, DiMarzio Virtual Vintage p/u's, Wilkinson locking tremelo. Eventually traded it but it served me well for a long time. Congrats.
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    Need some feedback about a re-fret

    I've got 7 strats. All have nickel frets except my Suhr Custom Pro, which has stainless .055 by .090. They feel great and its becoming my go to studio strat. But they are brighter and zingier - great for bending but not as warm as the nickel silver frets on my vintage and custom shop strats...
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    My band is always having some kind of trouble.

    I haven't been in an actual band for almost 40 years. Have basically just been a hired gun out here in L.A. since then. Now I'm never part of a band for more than a few hours. I miss the comaraderie of being in a band but maybe not the drama that went along with it.
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    Which Big Muff Pi do you like best?

    Great sound but cheaply made. You're better off with a used MJM Foxey Fuzz (if you can find one) or a JHS Muffaletta. Same sound, higher build quality.
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    Is there really a difference?

    I'm not an expert, I've only been playing since 1968 and have made my living as a studio musician in L.A. for 40 years or so. But my two cents, having owned Duncans, Fralins, DiMarzio's, etc.: Fender is making some great sounding pickups. I love the ones in my Custom Shop '54 RI and my Custom...
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    MRX Duke of Tone and/or MXR Sugar Drive...

    I would get both, the Duke AND the Sugar Drive. The Duke is based on the old Bluesbreaker circuit, the Sugar is based on the Klon. I recently bought one of the first available Dukes to go on a new Pedaltrain Nano. The Duke is great but I found that it wasn't enough gain for some things. But it...
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    MRX Duke of Tone and/or MXR Sugar Drive...

    Don't agree 100% with your opinion.
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    Small amps

    An 8" won't make it. If it has to be tube maybe a Fender Princeton Reverb or a Pro Jr., both are 10" approx 15 watts. You'll need to mic them. If you can deal with solid state I use a Quilter Micropro Mach 2 head (6 lbs) with a small custom made open back 1'10 cab with a Jensen Jet Tornado spkr...
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    Anyone still using a mixing desk in the studio?

    If I owned a vintage or new API, Neve or SSL analog console (Maybe even a Trident) I'd definitely incorporate it into my mixing. But the lower priced analog stuff just doesn't sound nearly as good and the plug ins and virtual consoles are so good now. Plus being able to instantly recall your...
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    1981 Princeton Reverb; best speaker?

    If its a silverface 1981 it likely came with a 10" ceramic Oxford or Utah spkr. A USA made ceramic Jensen from that era is normally a pretty good speaker. My '66 still has its stock Jensen, I love it. If you're going to stay with a ceramic 10" check out the Eminence/Allesandro, the Weber 1025...
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    Pedalboard Power Supply Suggestions?

    Strongly recommend you look at a Voodoo Labs Iso 5 and look at some good mini pedals for your small board. The One Spot stuff is junk (I own a couple). The Voodoo Labs stuff is built like a tank and offers 9 volt 400mv, 12 volt and 18 volt options in addition to regular 9 volt. Everything's...
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    Overdrive Pedal Recommendations

    I've owned a few Music Mans. A few suggestions: The new MXR Duke of Tone is really good. So are the Klons and clones, the Timmy, etc. If you're looking for low to medium gain overdrive.