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  1. nosmo

    Not Zackley science-y Stuff

    That's why the Blackhawks are for sale.....they've become radioactive.
  2. nosmo

    Assistant Manager at my Bank actually wrote this email to me

    Oh, sorry....USA. The great melting pot. Tir-na Nog'th in my sig panel is just a wish:
  3. nosmo

    Assistant Manager at my Bank actually wrote this email to me

    You might not know just how accurate this statement is. The factory in which I work has many temporary employees from around the world. A large percentage of them cannot speak ANY English, in spite of the fact that speaking and reading and writing English is supposed to be a job requirement...
  4. nosmo

    Proud Dad brag

    Having no children, I can't imagine what it takes to create and nurture someone to succeed in something like this, but man! There's got to be some great parenting going on there. You and Mom should be very proud of her and yourselves.
  5. nosmo

    The Dirge of American Spirit.

    When I see stuff like this, I wish I could go back and do something worthwhile with my younger life, instead of.....well......nothing.
  6. nosmo

    Geee… I miss Saturday Morning Cartoons…

    The interweb took over....THIS is the "new" Saturday morning cartoons, available 24 / 7. I loved the puppet shows....SuperCar, Fireball XL-5, Thunderbirds (the best opening music ever).
  7. nosmo

    Any antique computer owners out there?

    I used to have an IBM PC, one of the first, no hard drive, just 2 360k single sided floppy drives, one for the program, one for your data. Keyboard emulated IBM Selectric typewriter, all steel, weighed about 5 pounds. Also had a Selectric. Threw them in a recycle dumpster about 20 years ago...
  8. nosmo

    Guitar storage, I'm rethinking it??

    My Squiers are lucky they get to come in out of the rain.
  9. nosmo

    Good lord people are strange.

    Sorry, I could not watch that video. I don't want to seem like a curmudgeon, but I am done trying to watch skinny, vertical videos with the sides blacked out. Talk about annoying. Why do people do that??? We view the world in wide screen normally, that vertical stuff is just ridiculous...
  10. nosmo

    Good lord people are strange.

    I've got three positives and six negatives.
  11. nosmo

    Met this guy on golf course yesterday .

    Did he eat you balls?
  12. nosmo

    New to me bicycle day

    Looks like a winner. I've always been a Trek fan. My old fast road bike and my mountain bike are Treks, always been great "bang for the buck" bikes.
  13. nosmo

    I dont how to describe this

    I think I'm undecided....but I'm not sure.
  14. nosmo

    WIP - with piano...

    I'd buy that album!
  15. nosmo

    Night Court reboot

    I'm going to go the other way on this one. I loved the original Night Court, still watch the reruns on late-night cable. But I watched the reboot 1st episode, was not happy, even though I greatly like Melissa, but I only made it half-way through the 2nd episode, had to call it off. It just...
  16. nosmo

    Anyone have a guitar safe?

    I also have a Liberty at my cabin. I keep 2 Squiers strats in it, justvfor fire resistance, but don't lock the door. Even have a sign on it "UNLOCKED". The safe is worth ten times what the Squiers are, don't want someone grinding the safe open for $200 worth of Squiers, and I only get out...
  17. nosmo

    Rough day for my buddy

    He's a cutie alright. Looks like he's got a great "dad" too. Check out this two-legged fox!
  18. nosmo

    Do you think some bands are actively using AI to help with songwriting?

    Shortly after I got my "android" smart phone, I accidentaly activated the "voice" assistant. I cursed it with words that are not permitted here. The female-sounding voice replied, "I may just be a digital assistant, but you should still be respectful." So, I guess it understands profanity. I...
  19. nosmo

    Do you think some bands are actively using AI to help with songwriting?

    How do we know an AI entity isn't writing these threads and posing as forum members?
  20. nosmo

    Maggots, anyone?

    Will maggots eat dead leeches? Will leeches suck maggot blood?
  21. nosmo

    Maggots, anyone?

    I practice non-prescription bloodletting at least a couple of times a week.o_O
  22. nosmo

    Frisson - interesting concept Does anybody have more info about this type of thing? I'll do some more reading.
  23. nosmo

    Some say your vehicle.

    Yeah, the front hubs are a known weak point on the Sierras, I just did mine last month for the second time, at 220,000. Easy to do, but spendier than just a free bearing type. I need to put some money into my 2006 so I can keep it another ten years or so. I refuse to buy an internet connected...
  24. nosmo

    Whew !

    Good save. Many years ago I was buying groceries, and put a full case of beer on the bottom rack of the shopping cart. I showed it to the cashier, paid for it, all OK. When I got home, I didn't have it....??? Brain fart.....left it on the bottom of the cart and put the cart in the cage, and...
  25. nosmo

    Some say your vehicle.

    2006 GMC Sierra SLT, K1500, Z71, 4x4, Extended cab, the Red Menace 2003 Kawasaki Concours, Mabel, the Flying Kaw 2007 Suzuki V-strom 650, the Silver Surfer