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  1. wooders

    Playing guitar 4 feet from water warmed radiator

    Yep. Humidity has a far greater effect than temps. Personally wouldn't worry about temps too much, bar freezing temps. Most radiators for house heating, work on convection. They heat the air, which then rises, drawing cooler air from below, effectively circulating the air and maintaining a pre...
  2. wooders

    Tele wiring opinions requested, before I go opening up a can of whoop a ss

    Quick update. Got guitar back from luthier. He couldn't help but tweak the nut and frets. 4 way 250k, CTS pots .047 cap. Plays really great. Love the thing. Now sounds a whole lot better on open volume/tone. Pickups are higher without any harshness that I didn't like. Think the issue was a combo...
  3. wooders

    What is "fast neck"?

    Kind of this. A comfortable neck will help you play better, but speed is you, not the neck. I have varying necks. Can't play any faster on one over any other. But then I'm not great at guitar anyway, so pinch of salt.
  4. wooders

    Just a people thing

    I have a good friend that I catch up with every once in a while. Been a while, but managed to get my old apprentice out for a beer. Train strikes aplenty and getting there and home has been a mission. But we done it. I feel I've had the privilege to be part of the journey on another's life. This...
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    Haters gunna hate I like👍
  6. wooders

    '61 Pure Vintage Specs? ...and how do they compare to '65 Pure Vintage?

    Got PV65s and PV59S, they are both superb pickups. Different and different enough to have both, but both are superb.👍
  7. wooders

    Whadda think?

    Pass thank you
  8. wooders

    Real squier or not?

    Yes they did. Pickups apparently ceramic and the body's were strat compatible AFAIK. The necks on the predators and generations were really nice. I'd take a guess that is a Peavey Predator body with a Squier/fake neck. The predators had micro tilt and AFAIK the body had a veneer top and bottom...
  9. wooders

    Whadda think?

    Yeh, I quite fancy her too.
  10. wooders

    Neck Stain: Yes/no/maybe?

    Yep. Fresh neck. Raw maple.
  11. wooders

    Neck Stain: Yes/no/maybe?

    With finish. All water based
  12. wooders

    Neck Stain: Yes/no/maybe?

    This turned out ok enough
  13. wooders

    Which of these Strat pickups do you recommend for this build?

    That should work well. My experience of the hotrails with the CV pickups was very good, aside from volume imbalance. I couldn't get the hotrails anywhere near low. Another 1/4" I think would have balanced quite well. Position 2 was also very nice. I'd just choose pickups that you know you like...
  14. wooders

    How’s the used market in your neck of the woods?

    Seems slow here also. Had a CV50 up for sale for a while. Time of year, inflation and energy costs are combining to bring the market back to pre COVID sensibility. IMO. Not concerned about the CV50 remaining in the stable. Just need the better half to see I'm actually selling some and not just...
  15. wooders

    Selling on FB. Buyer scams

    What's athe deal with the, 'i can't make it there today but will send courier with sach to collect'? It's not even a thing in the UK. Some of them are word for word and always have a nice profile picture of an aged couple. Is it just a fish to draw you in for bank details etc?
  16. wooders

    Which of these Strat pickups do you recommend for this build?

    Nothing to comment as to which pickups would match better, but I sort of agree output wise. Sort of. Had an SD bridge in a Chinese CV50 (low output alnico iii). Tone wise, I was very happy. Volume wise, not so. The volume difference was too much for me. I wouldn't necessarily look for high...
  17. wooders

    Look who showed up at the door. NGD

    I like that👍
  18. wooders

    Just installed Highwood saddles on my Am Original 60’s strat

    I'm a big fan of these saddles
  19. wooders

    Tele wiring opinions requested, before I go opening up a can of whoop a ss

    It's a Kluson. Came with the body, so I assume it was retro fitted at one stage. Being a Squier standard body, I don't think they had Kluson branded bridges. Don't know if the compensated saddles were native to the Kluson bridge?
  20. wooders

    Rebuilding the “Townshend” Stratocaster

    Excellent! Enjoying this thread.
  21. wooders

    Random Guitar Picture Pls

    On eBay in UK for £155 ATM, turns out to have ss frets too👍
  22. wooders

    Random Guitar Picture Pls

    It was a 'cheap" Chinese neck that my kids bought me for my birthday. £145 that turned out to be a fantastic neck. Been really lucky with my builds.