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  1. thegrasshopper

    Fender CS neck relic process :(

    It's funny since I think the best thing of a relic CS guitar is the neck... I don't care if it does not look like a real vintage neck.. they just feel phenomenal in my hands... I used to play 6 different CS, and a sanded neck feel is fantastic... I'm not particularly keen on relic, but it is...
  2. thegrasshopper

    2003 AVRI - satin neck ?

    Is the seller first owner? Have you seen pics of the neck heel?
  3. thegrasshopper

    fender C69 and Suhr V70 users

    C69 neck + Texas Special bridge: a winner set for me. My CS '67 is loaded with this configuration and I really love it, even for high gain. If clarity and definition are importan for you, I'd consider staying away from the Fat50 (I'd say anything prepended with the word Fat) since I always found...
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    Classic Series 50' sounds thin, bright

    Just and idea... You could easily test if your problem comes from the electronics by swapping the pickgaurds of your guitar and your mate's one. Based on the results you could decide on further steps If the guitars are still under guarantee, this might not be an option though..
  5. thegrasshopper

    Lopsided neck on American Vintage II 61 Strat

    Welcome! I'd return it As customers we shouldn't decrease our level of acceptance, regardless Fender is decreasing their QC standards
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    How do you care for reliced maple neck and fingerboard?

    This is their reply: "Thanks for reaching out! We will typically use one of two things depending on how you'd like the neck to feel. If you'd like a protective layer of finish, I would check out Emmett's Good Stuff. If you'd like to keep a more raw wood feel, we will typically use Tru Oil...
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    How do you care for reliced maple neck and fingerboard?

    I don't understand why some people refuse to clean a neck.... Honestly, why? I'm not saying it is a must, but properly done will not hurt, indeed it will be beneficial. I'm just guessing, but perhaps those to argue against cleaning a guitar are room player... Might be not... The fact a guitar...
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    Tuning question

    Some specific strings or general? You might want to try some lubricant in the nut, saddles and string tree It is also said that too many winds over the tuning pegs don't help... 1.5-2 winds in the low E-A-D strings and 2-3 in the high G-B-E
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    Need Help With A Refinish

    If you have enough patience, you could try some oil finish. Tru-oil is easy to apply by hand with a cloth, but a good refin requires quite a few thin coats (10-15) and fine sanding in between
  10. thegrasshopper

    GAS problem - thoughts?

    IMO, GAS is an obsession I also suffer from. I think it should be handled with care... We tend to trivialize about it, but well... It could get worse with time... It's only you, and your close circle perhaps, the ones who can tell about whether you're going in the right direction...
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    Neck pocket cracks

    All good, it was not my intention to reprimand you ;) And yes, what I see in the picture is very common, I wouldn't be pissed off unless I had paid the price of a new instrument
  12. thegrasshopper

    Neck pocket cracks

    There are quite a few threads about this because it is pretty common
  13. thegrasshopper

    A first world inquiry......THIRD GUITAR ADDED

    The daphne blue is a perfect match with this neck IMO
  14. thegrasshopper

    1974 strat trem info

    I can confirm the stripping issue...
  15. thegrasshopper

    1974 strat trem info

    It perfectly holds tuning. I also doubt I could hear the difference between it and a steel one (Callahan, Fender...) But perhaps I do the test at some point in the future..
  16. thegrasshopper

    1974 strat trem info

    It's funny because I brought up the question since I felt the weak part of this guitar is the tremolo system, but to be honest, I'm not sure if it is being my eyes telling this or my ears...
  17. thegrasshopper

    1974 strat trem info

    What got my attention were the saddles with no Fender stamp and the block... And yes, she's a good friend :) in return I've paid for a nut replacement and a setup. The pity is she is preferring an old crappy Teisco over it... This strat was forgotten in its case for years... A matter of taste I...
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    1974 strat trem info

    I've borrowed a 74 strat from a good friend. Super light 3.35 kg, lots of chime and super comfortable neck, a really nice strat My question is about the tremolo system... I would say it is original as I saw trems like this in some Reverb listings. Have you got any info about it? Is it...
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    ¿Modelo de Fender Stratocaster?

    Parece una Stratocaster de los 70. Para saberlo bien habría q desmontar el mastil y el golpeador para ver las estampas
  20. thegrasshopper

    No Fender Strat

    In the higher price tag: PRS Silversky or Suhr Scott Henderson signature More affordable: PRS SE Silversky, Magneto Sonnet Eric Gales
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    NGD 1963 reissue super relic strat

    What a beauty! HNGD!
  22. thegrasshopper

    Black logo Stratocaster

    Fake for me... EDIT: It seems that no, sorry...
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    Congrats, sweet necks!
  24. thegrasshopper

    Just ordered my first Custom Shop guitar

    HNG @LostPlectrum! Greetings @joebtone ! Just curious if, for you, custom orders don't make sense. I agree that trying anything before you buy is a plus, usually when quality may vary... But how would you marinate this with custom orders? I mean, If you go to a luthier with a custom order I...