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  1. harrisonguitars

    NGD: Epiphone (IB Gibson) ES-335 Traditional Pro

    My thoughts exactly and that's a good assessment of the Epi tuners.
  2. harrisonguitars

    NGD: Epiphone (IB Gibson) ES-335 Traditional Pro

    No, there was info out there that stated they were but I had to enlarge the post holes. I contacted Kluson first at customer service email and they were super helpful.
  3. harrisonguitars

    What's wrong with my Volume Pot??

    Best investment a guitar player can make $53.00 on Amazon YIHUA 939D+ Digital Soldering Station, 75W Equivalent with Precision Heat Control (392°F to 896°F) and Built-in Transformer. ESD Safe, Lead Free with °C/°F display (Black)
  4. harrisonguitars

    NGD: Epiphone (IB Gibson) ES-335 Traditional Pro

    I have one in black and it's a great guitar. It feels different than my Gibson ES-335 but in a good way. I did change to Kluson locking tuners as a personal preference. A really fine guitar.
  5. harrisonguitars

    What age were you, when you first bought a pre-CBS Strat ?

    I'm borrowed a 63 once in 1971. I was always looking for a Gibson Les Paul. I even had a song. Oh Lord won't you buy me a Les Paul guitar. My friend's all got Fenders they don't go too far. I work hard all my lifetime trying to be a star. So Lord won't you buy me a Les Paul guitar. Of course...
  6. harrisonguitars

    When did pre CBS Strats start to gain value?

    At East Carolina University in 1975 I had a chance to buy a 1957 (verified by neck removal) Stratocaster in great condition. He was asking $500 and that was just too much money for a college student at the time. :oops:
  7. harrisonguitars

    NGD - 2022 Custom Shop 60s 3TSB!

    Congratulations!! Sharp looking Stratocaster! That is almost exactly like one I would drool over in my hometown music store in the 1960's. What kind of neck shape does it have?
  8. harrisonguitars

    NGD 1964 Stratocaster

    Wow! Congratulations!!
  9. harrisonguitars

    When to flick the pickup selector switch in the middle of a song?

    If you want a master class lesson in how to use the pickup selector, watch Stevie Ray Vaughan, Live at the El Mocambo. YouTube probably has it.
  10. harrisonguitars

    FSR 65' Princeton with 12" Cannabis Rex

    I'm familar with both the amp you use now and the Princeton reissue although not with the cannabis rex speaker. These are two completely different critters. I love the combination of a Princeton and a stratocaster...can't go wrong. I prefer the 12 inch if you can get it.
  11. harrisonguitars

    Trying to straighten neck by adjusting truss rod

    I'm fairly certain and hoping this post is dry humor...very dry. Shaken not stirred.
  12. harrisonguitars

    What is the best wood for Stratocaster guitars?

    I've got a custom shop stratocaster with a maple cap. It has a vibe to it that is completely different from other Strats but it sound great! Like others have said better than me, it's the combination of all things from not just a certain type of wood but a certain piece of wood. Oh, and the...
  13. harrisonguitars

    What does a Strat sound like?

    There were so many instantly identifiable Stratocaster sounds that became classic. Hendrix, "Little Wing" or the "Wind Cries Mary", 1970's Clapton "Let it Rain", "Layla album", Trower, "Bridge of Sighs", but it's kind of like a good house paintbrush, depends on how you hold it, how you use and...
  14. harrisonguitars

    Lexus limited edition strat

    Anyone familiar with this Richlite material for the fretboard? Guess we'll see it again from Fender?
  15. harrisonguitars

    Your favourite Custom Shop pickups?

    The Custom Shop Strat I bought came with hand wound "Fat 60's". I found they were not as responsive as I like and were kind of lifeless with too much mid. IMHO
  16. harrisonguitars

    I just wanted a change…

    I like it. Makes it yours.
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    Was the Fender American standard.

    My wife ordered this American Standard in 1987 for our first wedding anniversary. (Maybe that's why we're still married :D) Anyway, Fender was moving to the new facility and it required seven long months to come in. As you can see I eventually changed the pickups for the DG EMG's assembly and...
  18. harrisonguitars

    what kind of pick

    Since I don't gig out much anymore, I started using the Blue Chip 35's for both acoustic and electric. As long as you don't lose them they're really worth the cost to me. This one is about five years old and I play a lot.
  19. harrisonguitars

    "What we have here is a failure to communicate."

    "What we have here is a failure to communicate."