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  1. Martins Strat


    Literally the first reply gave you the answer. Are you ok? You seem a bit angry for some reason?
  2. Martins Strat

    American Vintange Reissues

    Yeah I thought it was just someone waking a zombie thread but gotta admire the same guy coming back 13 years later…and totally relevant to post it in this thread! Let’s see a recent picture!
  3. Martins Strat

    Is this a Strat for real USA Export of is it fake?

    Yeah that neck looks Mexican with the plastic trussrod surround. The plastics also make it look like a random collection of parts to me.
  4. Martins Strat

    Action too high at 12th fret, but not at nut - do I need a shim?

    Didn’t this get resolved before Christmas?
  5. Martins Strat

    Japanese Strats

    I think you’ll get more responses if you start your own thread for something like this. Also, post the pictures from the auction site. I can’t see anything there, other than a tiny thumbnai,l without having a login.
  6. Martins Strat

    100% Legit...

    Looks like someone has loved it and played it a lot though. It’s fulfilled its purpose in the world!
  7. Martins Strat

    My attitude on Pao Ferro has been completely changed.

    I darkened mine with leather dye too and then used some Montypresso to take away the dry feeling that Pau Ferro often has. It feels great though and on a 'road worn' the darkness really ads to the worn it look. The feel is smoother than rosewood, almost as smooth as maple, but without the shiny...
  8. Martins Strat

    Playing guitar 4 feet from water warmed radiator

    I think relic radiators might be a thing…
  9. Martins Strat

    Playing guitar 4 feet from water warmed radiator

    This thread has taken such a weird, yet interesting, turn!
  10. Martins Strat

    Neck Removal Question

    Nope, nothing to worry about. It’s not a big deal taking the neck off a Strat, just enjoy playing it now!
  11. Martins Strat

    Can you darken a pau ferro 'board....?

    Well, here we are. Nearly six months to the day, didn't that go by quickly?! Although I must say it feels like I've owned this guitar much longer. It's been my 'daily player' ever since I got it and although not my 'best' or most expensive guitar, it's definitely my favourite. Funny how that...
  12. Martins Strat

    Playing guitar 4 feet from water warmed radiator

    One of mine normally lives propped in the corner about half a meter from the radiator, doesn't cause any issue for me.
  13. Martins Strat

    Replace old strings

    Your approach sounds good, but I'd do all of that in one go. Get rid of the strings that it came with, take the neck off so you can easily handle it and do the fret work. Do all the bits to the body / electronics that you want. Then re-assemble with new strings (I wouldn't worry about the Fender...
  14. Martins Strat

    Replace old strings

    Doesn’t look like the OP has come back… Probably too busy adjusting setup and changing strings. 🤣
  15. Martins Strat

    Replace old strings

    It might be good to know a bit more about the 'setup' that you're doing? Almost every setup change can be made with the strings on the guitar. Also, normally after a guitar is setup, you shouldn't need to be adjusting it that much.
  16. Martins Strat

    Fender stratocaster MIM 94 ( Ensenada Plant fire) question

    Oh okay. I mean I read the thread from 10 years ago, but you just posted a picture of a Mexican headstock, wasn't really sure what you were saying without any copy to go with it. I saw your other thread too, sounds like a bit of a myth but I would certainly grab it for $200.
  17. Martins Strat

    Found a 1994 MIM Standard Strat

    The pickups might be non original and upgraded. Looks odd how they’ve aged different to the rest of the plastics, I would have thought the originals would have yellowed the same as the knobs.
  18. Martins Strat

    Incoming …. American Vintage 56

    I know it's all subjective, but for me, the best neck that Fender ever made! It would get a few nicks pretty quickly anyway so the marks wouldn't bother me either. You're gonna love it, perfect set with your '65 too. Enjoy, and pics too when you get it!
  19. Martins Strat

    The PRS Silver Sky is the best sounding, best playing "Strat" I've ever owned...

    In some ways I'm surprised at the direction of this discussion - in that those who are fans of the SS are the ones saying that it's a Strat! When I first saw pictures in 2018 I was surprised that PRS had gone down the route of making a Strat copy, but when I saw one in person I realised it was...
  20. Martins Strat

    Pau Ferro Fretboard

    I darkened mine and it turned out great. The colour is a personal preference thing though. What I would definitely recommend is waxing it. The pau ferro that Fender is using, tends to feel super dry. A quick rub over with some steel wool, and then waxing, really eliminates the dry look / feel...
  21. Martins Strat

    Do you leave your trem block cover on or off and why?

    I always wonder why Fender doesn’t countersink the cover like Gibson do, it would look so much better that way, maybe I’d leave it on then. I get why they don’t on the reissues, but newer stuff should. Same with the neck plate. Did I go too far??!!
  22. Martins Strat

    Do you leave your trem block cover on or off and why?

    I leave it off. The guitar somehow feels plasticky with it on. Also, it’s just cooler! None of my favourite guitarists ever had the term cover on…
  23. Martins Strat

    How Do I Identify my model with no visible serial number?

    Yep definitely a fake, quite a cheap one too looking at. Certainly not as good as a Squier Affinity.
  24. Martins Strat


    Do you have a budget in mind? There’s such a huge choice these days it’d be good to narrow it down a bit. What I would say is that it’s hard to buy a bad pedal, compared to the 90s when there was loads of cheap rubbish, now even the budget mini pedals are really good.