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    Science-y stuff
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    Poll: Be honest, who else cheats at playing Little Wing?

    I do! I just love playing that song, and really don't care about any 'mistakes'. IORR.
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    music room faux pas

    faux pas - a remark or action in a social situation that is a mistake and causes embarrassment or offense ( What has this to do with snakes?
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    Strange headlines

    Enjoy your Saturday.
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    Jeff Beck Tribute Concert

    And Ronnie Wood!!
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    sauce vs condiment

    Condiments come in those little packets you have to open with your teeth.
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    Please spell “relicked” correctly.

    Fender doesn't know the difference between vibrato and tremolo, so why would their spelling of the R word be the correct one? :cool:
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    How many people on this forum remember Johnny Winter?

    I remember watching RockPalast on German TV when I was growing up. Johnny Winter was one of the guests.
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    Humidifier Question

    Optimal humidity for a guitar is about 45-55% IIRC.
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    Who do you pick as one of the best guitarist of all time

    Don't know him. What band was he in?
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    Who do you pick as one of the best guitarist of all time

    And then see the first sentence of that post: "Maybe not the best but Randy Rhoads was one of my favorites" :cool:
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Sitting outside - only hearing some birds. Refreshing.
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    Storage/Backup Hard Drive Failure.

    I prefer vinyl :whistling:
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    They are words in Dutch, meaning "fun". How appropriate. :D
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    Stop writing just sayin. :cool:
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    The English language

    And then there are PJs - which I guess make more sense since there is a top and bottom part.