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  1. Triple Jim

    I accidentally saw a Led Zep tribute band tonight

    Those videos won't play for me!
  2. Triple Jim

    What food makes you wanna hurl ?

    The first few posts hit every one of mine! When I was a kid, one evening I decided to eat my peas before everyone else sat down at the table. I wanted to get it over with so I could enjoy my dinner. I put some on my plate and asked Mom if that was enough. She said it was, so I held my nose...
  3. Triple Jim

    Seymour Duncan 5-Way Bluetooth Switch.

    The older I get, the more I lean toward KISS. :)
  4. Triple Jim

    Hand cramps

    In general, cramps can be caused or made worse by not getting enough potassium in your diet.
  5. Triple Jim

    Aftermarket neck question

    I don't know of any company that levels frets on new replacement necks. Not that I know them all, but Fender doesn't level frets on replacement necks either, for example. The two Warmoth necks I've bought were close enough to not need leveling. They even had a little fall-off out of the box.
  6. Triple Jim

    Modern Strat Wiring

    Read the link that StratUp posted and you'll know. The principles are the same for right and left hand.
  7. Triple Jim

    NLD - I can climb high

    That makes sense, although I'd add that the spotter should wear a hard hat!
  8. Triple Jim

    1979 Stratocaster. Should I buy it?

    Same with my '76. It weighs 8 lbs, 0 ounces and has been a great instrument for me since I got it used in late '76.
  9. Triple Jim

    NLD - I can climb high

    He's sure right about being dangerous, but I've wondered what good someone at the bottom can do if I'm on a 28 foot ladder that starts to slip. I'd mainly be concerned that I might fall on him and we'd both be hurt or worse.
  10. Triple Jim

    Stainless Steel vs Nickel Silver, Do You Hear A Difference

    I can hear a small difference, but it's when I don't quite fret properly and allow a little buzzing. Then stainless is a little zingier. But when I fret properly and the string is held firmly to the fret, I don't hear a difference. For me, the difference is completely unimportant, and the...
  11. Triple Jim

    NLD - I can climb high

    Yes, but the story stuck with me, and makes me think whenever I'm high up, whether it's a tower or a ladder, or anything else.
  12. Triple Jim

    NLD - I can climb high

    A tower climber friend told me about a guy who worked for the same company, who was young and fairly new to the job, who went way up a tower, put his belt's lanyard around it, accidentally clipped it to his paint can handle instead of the ring on his belt, and leaned back. I use a belt and...
  13. Triple Jim

    NLD - I can climb high

    The height takes a little getting used to, at least for me, but the tower isn't going to fall over, and you're wearing a safety harness so you're always attached. At least that's the way I do it. I know pro tower climbers who free-climb to the top and then attach. The views are a big fringe...
  14. Triple Jim

    NLD - I can climb high

    I wish you many years of safeness. I don't like ladders. I'd rather go 150' up a tower than 20' up a ladder.
  15. Triple Jim

    What are your thoughts? Compare boogie fillmore (paid 1700) to superchamp xd (paid 250)

    Like some others above, I need a choice that says, "They sound different, but one is not better than the other."
  16. Triple Jim

    Stratocaster body 13 holes with 11 hole pickguard

    Welcome to the board, blues2blues!
  17. Triple Jim

    Why don’t amps provide a 9v supply?

    I've added those to all my purchased amps, and included them in the amps I've built. They're very handy to have.
  18. Triple Jim

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome, argbluesman! Very nice playing, and guitar tone. I grew up and spent the first half of my life in North Bethesda. What part of MD are you in?
  19. Triple Jim

    Too many robo calls - I changed my phone number

    It was either that or they realized they weren't going to get anywhere with you so they moved on to the next number.
  20. Triple Jim

    A fiendish riddle

    It seems like if you started slightly more than 1km from the north pole, and went 1km north, you'd be slightly off the north pole. Then if you went west for 1 km, you'd go in small circles for a while. If you're at the right distance from the pole (1/2π meters), when each circle is one meter...
  21. Triple Jim

    Fretboard material - does it affect sound?

    Well, you're in good company. Walter Trout has one like it.
  22. Triple Jim

    What's causing this????

    They're all crooked in the same direction. When they're too wide, they get fanned out. My guess is they were sitting off center when the strings were installed, and they stayed that way.
  23. Triple Jim

    At last, got my first Strat

    If I break the e string, it's usually at the 9th fret. It's something about bending the D to E that does it. Strat or non-Strat, too... it doesn't make any difference. Welcome to the board, Old Picker!
  24. Triple Jim

    What Have You Been Up To.

    Thanks, it sounded excellent! Your YT description says "We recorded this live in a small room in my basement which gives it this LoFi sound." Before I read that I had already figureded that it was one those simple, realistic recordings that are my favorite kind. I used to record basement jams...
  25. Triple Jim

    What Have You Been Up To.

    I realized I misread your post, relative to Chris, but I'll need to find some recordings of you and Kofi.