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  1. Engine Swap

    Routing a neck pocket deeper...

    Hi All - way back in 1997, I put together a partscaster that was supposed to be my dream guitar. I used a neck and body from All-Parts and got all the other parts from various vendors. The end result sounded great, however I couldn't get the action right and it always buzzed no matter what I...
  2. Engine Swap

    After 20 years, I'm finally figuring out the issues with my partscaster...

    Back in 1997, I built a partscaster. At the time, this was a splurge to celebrate landing my first decent paying job. It's a hardtail strat with a 22-fret compound radius neck (which was the hot thing is those days). This was my first build of any kind and I had no idea what I was doing. I...
  3. Engine Swap

    After 23 years, I finally figure out how a double-action truss rod works

    Back in 1997, I put together this hardtail partscaster. I don't remember where I got the parts, but I think it might be Allparts. Anyhow, I chose a 22-fret compound radius neck, which was a new-ish delvelopment at the time. Inspite of my lack of skill, everthing went together OK. The neck...
  4. Engine Swap

    Went out to the woods for some "social distancing"....(mushroom content)

    Almost there...wife found some ramps as well.
  5. Engine Swap

    ID manufacturer of Fender sealed tuners?

    Can anyone ID the OEM of these "Fender" sealed tuners? They were on a 1987 MIK Squier.
  6. Engine Swap

    First Appearance of a Strat in a Movie?

    So I was watching the Movie "Tight Spot" which was released in March of 1955. There's a scene of a band playing and at the very end of the clip (0:38) there's a guy with a strat. Guessing it's a pre-production model. Is this the first appearances of a strat in a movie? Anyone know of an...
  7. Engine Swap

    Do Squier necks/frets wear faster?

    Hi all - I have a 2001 Affinity Strat that I picked up at a rummage sale. Made in China FWIW. After a bit of set up work, it really plays nice. The finish on the neck seems very thin and I think it has worn through in a few small spots on the sides of the fingerboard. Curious if anyone else...
  8. Engine Swap

    Magnet swap for 1987 Squier?

    Hi all - I'm in need of a bridge pu for my Affinity Strat and found this old 1987 Squire bridge pu in my junk drawer. It measures 8.12k and the ceramic magnet has fallen off. Made in Korea if I recall. Considering putting an Alnico 2 on there as an el cheapo alternative to getting a new pu. I...

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