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  1. Ronkirn

    Would this be a good idea?.

    whatever you do to your guitar is a good idea to you.. so go with it... and if anyone raggs ya for whatever, it reveals far more about them than any thing you've done...'
  2. Ronkirn

    Is this a Fender body?

    the arm contour yells NO also... run away . . .
  3. Ronkirn

    Stress crack in neck pocket - Should I be worried?

    Bingo ... for some reason, guys think that since the guitars are assembled with screws, and you can buy a screwdriver without registering with the Federal Screwdriver Agency... it's tantamount to an invite to take the thing apart.... that, compounded by the fact that in the collectors world, a...
  4. Ronkirn

    I think this is the most beautiful cs fender I have ever seen

    I guess it's all a matter of perspective.. to me.. the most beautiful guitar I ever saw was my first "real" guitar .. Dad got it for me.. a used '57 Tobacco burst Hard Tail Strat... it was about 1961... OMG!! I was 15... it's one of those memories that make ya smile with the reflection...
  5. Ronkirn

    Best brand of capo for a Stratocaster?

    well I see this is your first post. so I'm biting my tongue.... and I'll say welcome to the party... now the solution is to readjust your intonation so that any strings that go sharp, do not do so quite so badly when you capo it. The reason they go sharp has to do with the strength of...
  6. Ronkirn

    Best upgrade you can make to a strat

    OK... I get it. being able to really play is pretty much useless because it doesn't require a screwdriver or a soldering tool to accomplish.... so if physicality is the criteria.. the number one "upgrade" would be fret leveling... after that... a good setup... but if ya can't play the damn...
  7. Ronkirn

    Best upgrade you can make to a strat

    good Music instruction... followed by a world class setup... then amp....
  8. Ronkirn

    Sanding Ash wood question ?

    scroll to post #35 and this thread I did 15 years ago (Yikes!!) will show a couple of ways to negate the issues you have encountered with DIY "tools".. and here's another build thread look at thread # 55 that's where I begin...
  9. Ronkirn

    A Goodbye from CigBurn

    In my 20+ years on these forums I've seen all too many fade into the next level . . . adieu Ron... till we meet again...
  10. Ronkirn

    Height of strings over the pickguard

    I hope it was this fingers. because the strings should be exact... Exactly the height over the pick guard that the guitarist prefers... and not one iota more, or less... r
  11. Ronkirn

    Staggered tuner question.

    it doesn't matter.. the primary reason for the stagger is some will allow for no retainer.... but that's "iffy" considering the length of the string running from the nut to the 1st and 2nd tuners.... and on some guitars with all the tuning pegs the same length.. the first 3 can hit the...
  12. Ronkirn

    Is this a cellulose nitrate guard?

    the modern celluloid Tortoise guards usually have 4 layers.. check the edge.... also the top layer is NOT printed.. no evidence of the very fine dot structure comprising the "art"... the Celluloid's top layer is transparent with the image being made by a swirl of coloring within the layer... or...
  13. Ronkirn

    Greetings from Centerville, Ohio

    Her's the important detail.. getcha a 24.75 CONVERSION neck.. after that decision,, there's nothing else to sweat...
  14. Ronkirn

    Strat pickup height

    with "starting points" being the key words...
  15. Ronkirn

    Strat pickup height

    well according to the Godfather of Pickup design.. Bill Lawrence, one sets them with a clearance equal to roughly the thickness of 2 nickels stacked.. then using one's ears adjust until one is happy.... the reason... a ruler cannot hear squat, while the ears can. They also can make allowances...
  16. Ronkirn

    Strat pickup height

    Setting Pickup Height by Ear this is excellent, however he neglects to mention.. that once you are happy with the height.. check for the possibility of "stratitus" by fretting the e 6th at the 12 fret and listening.. if it sounds as though the intonation is off.. lower the neck and/or the...
  17. Ronkirn

    Tilt Neck Adjustment Plate

    the part. #0020220049 is available from Fender for 10 bux... and probably from many Fender dealers. also give eBay a shot...
  18. Ronkirn

    Can some guitars be too resonant?

    WHAT?? a frequency is a phenomena present in Nature.. it's a scientific reality... and remember.. Science doesn't give a cack what you think, or think about it... it just exists, waiting for the "lights to go on" in those that aren't aware of it. all Matter in the known universe has a resonant...
  19. Ronkirn

    How to fill a large paint chip before refinishing?

    quite frankly, you don't fill something like that... You peel it back until you find solid adhesion... then you feather the edges... begin spraying a high fill sander/sealer... then block it to get a nice flat transition... sand the whole thing with about a 240 grit.... apply a good coat or...
  20. Ronkirn

    Can some guitars be too resonant?

    that's OK, I make zero sense to many... :p
  21. Ronkirn

    Can some guitars be too resonant?

    and is there a published list of these "wrong" frequencies?
  22. Ronkirn

    What do Mahogany strats sound like?

    There ya go... and from a New Member... and I can tell ya.. it doesn't matter what in heck ya make a guitar out of.. in the hands of a good player.. it's gonna sound correct.. and.. Welcome Sluglas ... and I might add. . in the hands of a good player.. .. if you're not a pretty good player...
  23. Ronkirn

    Can some guitars be too resonant?

    which frequencies would ya prefer to be louder? That's what happens if a frequency finds a resonant "nest"
  24. Ronkirn

    Can some guitars be too resonant?

    yes, and few realize that with the creation of commercially available electric guitars in 1930 (ish) .. the first problem that surfaced was the resonance... it continued to be an issue until around 1948 (ish) when Les Paul got tired of putting the amp in another room so he could play... then he...
  25. Ronkirn

    Bone nut upgrade for MIM Player Strat - Size? Options?

    any presumed advantage will be completely occluded by the remarkable lack of any gain....