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  1. Frank Roberts

    Don't leave your curly lead in the case or this could happen !!

    Not uncommon, back in the day. At least it's not on the front!
  2. Frank Roberts

    Sonic blue and torty- not convinced!

    I'd go with a toned down mint guard, or a white one. That Sonic Blue is great!
  3. Frank Roberts

    Do you often play your Strat unplugged?

    ^^^^^^^^ . This, except (second, EDIT no! last) sentence!
  4. Frank Roberts


    HNGD may it inspire you.
  5. Frank Roberts

    Is it just me?

    I'm sorry that is your impression about the owner of Bizarre Guitar; it is inconsistent with my experience. Have known him since 1975. He has earned everything he has. He is one of the most energetic, hard working people I have ever known. He has been fair and honest with me in all my dealings...
  6. Frank Roberts

    Suggestions please

    See #37 above, please.
  7. Frank Roberts

    Is it just me?

    I don't know what guitars you want to try, crank, but in case you aren't aware, Bizarre Guitar on Oddie Blvd in Sparks, isn't far from you and carries a pretty sizable inventory, including a lot of Fender Custom Shop stuff. I should add, I have learned the hard way, to agree with the OP's point...
  8. Frank Roberts

    Any love for the No-caster?

    I have a 95-96 Fender Cunetto Nocaster Relic. Best playing guitar I own! I'd add a photo but I'm 450 +-miles from home, so, sorry!
  9. Frank Roberts

    Suggestions please

    Hi Higgins180! I hope this may be what you are looking for. This guy has several suggestions that are real food for thought and easy to apply. It took me forever to find it again, for you, so I REALLY hope it helps!!!
  10. Frank Roberts

    Songbirds Documentary

    Thank you, Bob. I'm re-watching it now. Very special collection and takes me back to a simpler time when most of those instruments were coming out, being used in different genres of popular music and becoming objects of desire for many people my age. Sad to see it broken up and no longer...
  11. Frank Roberts

    I'm old

    AND... we are experienced enough to know that unintended consequences are always attached.
  12. Frank Roberts

    Eric Burdon & .....

    Thank you, thank you! I love all this stuff. Really brings me back! Is no-one going to post the Animals' cover of Bob Dylan's cover of Dave Van Ronk's version of House of the Rising Sun?
  13. Frank Roberts


    I can relate,without a doubt! :)
  14. Frank Roberts

    Storage Unit Find?

    That's exciting! Hope it works out well for you.
  15. Frank Roberts

    NGD - When An MIJ is Actually An AVRI '57 Strat

    You were fair and honest with the seller and he returned the favor. A win-win for both of you! I love it! Congratulations, Forest Lemon!
  16. Frank Roberts

    I've quit drinking alcohol

    If those "biscuits" are what we Yanks call "cookies", beware. You may need weaning from sugar next, as I did. This aging thing seems to be taking away the things we love with relentless regularity.
  17. Frank Roberts

    Blaze Foley “If I Could Only Fly”

    Very cool! Thank you Nate D, for sharing this. I went on to check out more about Blaze Foley, which left me asking myself, "Where in the hell have I been?"
  18. Frank Roberts

    I've quit drinking alcohol

    We all have, or will have, our own health issues (I'm in the first category). Glad you are dealing with yours, rather than ignoring them, as some of us are tempted. I look forward to the pleasure of your company here for a very long time.
  19. Frank Roberts

    NGD - Fender ST-54-75 Real Vintage "Custom Edition"

    HNGD That's a beaut. Despite not being a lemon (as featured in the photo backdrop and your handle).
  20. Frank Roberts

    So, Which Sabbath Do You/Did You Prefer?

    So, Which Sabbath Do You/Did You Prefer? How did you know I'm in a city full of Seventh Day Adventists?