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  1. pazman6

    What the heck is this insect bite?

    Herpes, definitely Herpes
  2. pazman6

    Simple Man … Louisiana Saturday Night…

    I like it with the Trombone - very cool..............
  3. pazman6

    Izotope Ozone 10 Elements

    It is now half price at $64.50.
  4. pazman6

    True Iron mixing plug in only $29 dollars right now

    I do agree that it could be apparent loudness. I put the Waves lil Tube (free saturation plugin) on all sorts of stuff on a mix and it seemed way louder than before, but the meters didn't really read any higher, although I am typically looking at peak instead of RMS. I know lil Tube adds all...
  5. pazman6

    Hearing Yourself Sing

    I can't sing very well, but it never stopped me from trying. Did 8 songs on my first cd and sang in a Classic Hard Rock and Metal band for 5 years or so. I really don't mind the singing in front of people - but I hate being the front man.
  6. pazman6

    Izotope Ozone 10 Elements

    I picked up Ozone 9 Elements a couple years ago for ~$30. I used the full version of Ozone version ? when I recorded/mixed/mastered my first CD back in 2010. You could use it free for 10 days - I only needed it a couple days.....😳 I haven't used version 9 since I bought it except for a couple...
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    True Iron mixing plug in only $29 dollars right now

    The new mix is definitely louder - Snare has more crack in it. Cool Steely Dan vibe on that song.
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    Nature photos that YOU took

    Eating the wife's fennel......
  9. pazman6

    I'm old

    I can relate Brad. I am also a last year boomer (1964) and when I retired from Shell in 2021 I got a retirement gift of my choice from the company My boss gave me his corporate card and told me to order what I wanted for my gift but limit it to $760 (they use a formula for a percent of your...
  10. pazman6

    Passed on an SQ Strat today

    Every Squier SQ I have ever picked up in a pawn shop and played has had an awesome neck on it.
  11. pazman6

    My first official attempt at recording, mixing, and mastering a full release

    Recorded this in my modest home studio through an A&H GL2800 mixer and an old version of Sonar X2, then mixed, and mastered it using Cakewalk with mostly WAVES plugins. It was a fun project and I learned a lot. Impressive talent for an 18-year-old guitarist/songwriter who just graduated from...
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    If you want to drive down to Louisiana, I will sell you my 2006 MIM Strat for $600 with a tweed Musiciansfriend case - like new (still had the stickers on it when I bought from a guy on CL 13 years ago for $200 - played it once. I replaced the pick guard with a 1997 US loaded pick guard - based...
  13. pazman6

    Went to my first MLB game in 18 years

    When I lived in Rolla and visited my Grandparents in St. Louis we would go to the cardinals games all the time. Always a good time. Haven't been to a MLB game in 10+ years - Houston is closest to me and still a 5 hour drive.
  14. pazman6

    New Member From NC

    Welcome - you know you are going to be asked to post pictures of your Strats.........................mandatory requirement.
  15. pazman6

    help with apartment setup/play idea

    I I would think you could buy one of those cheap $80 Bugera attenuators and run it with the ox box in parallel from the amp output and the amp would see 2ohms (4 ohms from the ox box in parallel with 4 ohms from the Bugera). I think the resistor would also work in parallel.
  16. pazman6

    Homestudio project management

    I recorded a cd a month back for a Strat-Talk member and if you have written the music and know it well, you can absolutely play from start to finish in a take. He recorded the rhythm guitar for all songs straight through against a scratch midi drum track. Came back and recorded a second...
  17. pazman6

    cat lovers only.....

    Came across these going through some old facebook photos I had. Ozzy (RIP) having a stare down with the enemy........ A painting my daughter did of Ozzy for my Christmas gift 5 years ago.........
  18. pazman6

    help with apartment setup/play idea

    I am pretty sure the OX Box is both a load attenuator and an interface for recording your cranked amp directly to your DAW. Not cheap but should let you crank your amps for tone and record directly. I think @Scott Baxendale has one - he can tell you how he likes it. Also has a headphone out...
  19. pazman6

    Recommendations: Small and Cheap

    Just saw MF has these on sale. $89 each versus $159 normally. $69 for a pair of 3" monitors.
  20. pazman6

    Recommendations: Small and Cheap

    Cool song. I got gas yesterday at a Loves Truck Stop in rural Louisiana and a guy came in on a big cruising motorcycle with "No Sleep till Brooklyn" booming on the stereo on his bike. Made me chuckle....... Also - that is Kerry King from Slayer who played the real solo and is the guitar...
  21. pazman6

    Pictures of you playing guitar

    1986 - Where every day was like a Motley Crue video............My first guitar - Les Paul copy - $59 at the PX My last real gig - 2013 - it was more like a funeral..............
  22. pazman6

    Easy come, easy go

    Nice surprise. Closest thing to that I had happen was I logged into my Best Buy account and it said I had around $20,000 in point credits, so I was trying to figure out some good stuff to order. Refreshed the screen and it went back down to $20.00. So close.
  23. pazman6

    Recommendations: Small and Cheap

    I would honestly use headphones instead of something really small. I actually use an Amazon BT1 cheap blue tooth speaker to check mixes on - not sure if it has a line where you could line into it from the interface in but for $25 it has been an awesome purchase years ago. MAudio has a cheaper...
  24. pazman6

    Oh, the shame

    I actually mastered all 10 songs last night. He liked them - going to print the STEMS tonight, and then do a massive transfer to him of everything. In all, to record his 10 song cd it 17 hours of recording time, maybe 40 hours of mixing time, and another 6 hours to master them all. I also...
  25. pazman6

    Oh, the shame

    You have to start somewhere........I learned today that Soundcloud will let you upload songs as loud as -8 lufs. That is spanking loud compared to other steaming platforms. I finished the first pass of mastering clay's cd tonight - until I listen to it on a good system and see how it really...