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  1. eclecticsynergy

    Comparing two strats (pickup content)

    IMO with the OP's Strats, part of the difference is in the pickups and part is the inherent character of the guitars themselves. An easy way to compare is to swap the pickguard/pickup assemblies from each Strat into the other. Play both guitars that way for a month or two, then swap them back...
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    Dog Lovers

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    Echoplex EP103 Delay Pedal...?

    It's a well-built, good sounding and fairly vintage-voiced delay pedal. Also does flyaway repeats nearly as well as the old tape ones. A guy in my band uses one to great effect (pun intended); that sound is featured in many of the clips I posted over on the "more structured material in bands/jam...
  4. eclecticsynergy

    Anyone play more "structured" songs in bands/jam groups?

    The drummer I'm playing with studied back in the 70s under Narada Michael Walden, who played the drums on Black Market (the first couple of tunes, not the whole record - I think the rest of the album was Chester Thompson.)
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    Dog Lovers

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    Anyone play more "structured" songs in bands/jam groups?

    Here's a baker's dozen snipped from longer jams. All improvised, nothing prearranged (though some eye-contact cues were happening, of course). These recordings weren't intended for anyone else, just notebooked for our own future reference. Long solos were mostly omitted, though some shorter...
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    cat lovers only.....

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    Anyone play more "structured" songs in bands/jam groups?

    Will upload a handful of snippets to Dropbox, once I recover from the weekend.
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    It's Friday night, and I think we need a MEME thread.

    Happy Memorial Day Thanks to all in the service, past and present.
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    accidently discovered setup method to make strat more slinky

    Setup makes a huge difference in playability.
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    Anyone play more "structured" songs in bands/jam groups?

    My current jam project is purely improv: nothing prearranged, totally different every time. We just choose a key center or progression and as a jam evolves, changes sometimes will occur suddenly basically out of thin air. We never know what directions our mood and inspiration will take us. The...
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    Anyone play more "structured" songs in bands/jam groups?

    You might suggest a couple of the more rock-ish Steely Dan tunes: Black Friday, Don't Take Me Alive, Bodhisattva, maybe Green Earrings. I played those with a pretty straight-ahead rock band many years ago. Even the simplest of the Steely Dan stuff has interesting changes.
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    Help with Dimarzio in HSS

    I've never compared the two in the same guitar so I can't say for sure. The Breed seems slightly brighter and it's likely to be tighter overall; it has hex poles which tend to be more focused. I'm a big fan of the AT-1 myself, great choice for an inherently bright guitar. Full but not dark...
  14. eclecticsynergy

    Locking 5 way switch

    Cool product; seems like a perfect fix for the problem. I had no idea these existed. Actually it hadn't ever occurred to me that changing one's switch setting accidentally could be an issue for enough players to warrant a dedicated solution.
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    Science-y stuff

    Courtesy of NASA's APOD, swirls in Jupiter's upper atmosphere imaged by Juno.