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  1. StratoMutt

    cat lovers only.....

  2. StratoMutt

    cat lovers only.....

  3. StratoMutt

    NAD: Randall RG50TC

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  5. StratoMutt

    Show off your stool

  6. StratoMutt

    Show off your stool

    "Show off your stool"
  7. StratoMutt

    LIFE Magazine 27 June 1969

    As I mentioned in another thread, I have been binging the excellent PBS documentary: Episode eight features the pages of LIFE Magazine from 27 June 1969 "The faces of the American dead one week's toll". In June 1969 I was all about the upcoming...
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    Show us your Pareidolia pics!

    Reminds me of an unfortunate encounter I had: