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    Guitar Acquisition Addiction Help

    And you're waiting for?
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    NGD, to me anyway.

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    Incoming !

    Very coolđź‘Ť What was about it you liked?
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    Reverb 1099 Question

    After running numbers and looking at it from all angles for me it would be better to sell for a bigger discount on facebook marketplace and craigslist, I'd actually be coming out ahead vs paying Reverb fees then possibly taxes on top of that.
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    Con Te Partirò - Andrea Bocelli (sung in Italian)

    He asked. If he didn't ask I wouldn't have said a thing.
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    Con Te Partirò - Andrea Bocelli (sung in Italian)

    Next time add a disclaimer that only praise be the feedback.
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    Con Te Partirò - Andrea Bocelli (sung in Italian)

    Let's try to focus for a second. I definitely need to hear from you guys on this recording. Did you like it? Feedback very welcomed! Never said you didn't have singing abilities dude. You asked (see bolded above) You didn't like my feedback thus panties got knotted up. Sing your lungs out...
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    Con Te Partirò - Andrea Bocelli (sung in Italian)

    Ah I get it, the magic mirror you look into tells you how marvelous you are so anything short of divine intervention you're the smartest guy in the room. I don't need to get others to agree nor would I spend my time trying to do so. You don't suck, it's worse than that.
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    Con Te Partirò - Andrea Bocelli (sung in Italian)

    Having people tell you what you want to hear won't alter anything. If you think jazz people are finicky then you're in a whole new galaxy.000000000
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    Con Te Partirò - Andrea Bocelli (sung in Italian)

    "I definitely need to hear from you guys on this recording. Did you like it? Feedback very welcomed!" You asked. I've never ever ever said anything negative against any forum member's playing at all period so that's not my MO. But again, you asked and it was painful to hear so put on your big...
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    Con Te Partirò - Andrea Bocelli (sung in Italian)

    You did ask for feedback. If you're doing this for fun well I guess why not. If you even slightly think....not sure how to say this but, uhm, if you have even the slightest appreciation for the art you'll never record yourself again trying to do opera and will delete this with fire. Dad was a...
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    Reverb 1099 Question

    Been reading the IRS website (talk about painful) plus numerous other sites on this topic and they all say the same thing, if selling at a loss just report it as a loss on schedule something something. No where does it say or does anyone say you need receipts to prove the loss. But it also...
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    Reverb 1099 Question

    Total agreement. You have to eat Reverb fees which aren't cheap anymore and now pay taxes so I'm really weighing if it's worth using Reverb anymore.
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    Reverb 1099 Question

    This new rule starting in 2023 has my head throbbing. So, if you have 'sales' of $600 and over you get a 1099 sent to the gov. If you lets say bought an amp for $1500 a few years ago and sold it for $1,000 in 2023 there's no tax to pay because of the loss. But if you sold the amp in 2023 for...
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    I have a really good amp…

    Just think how much better it would sound if you paid $180 for it.
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    Good move or bad move? I know who they are now.

    By the time I read the article until I started typing I forgot who they are. I'm ok with that.
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    LIFE Magazine 27 June 1969

    When I see stuff like this I try to imagine what it must have been like to go from the innocence of high school then to Viet Nam right after graduating. Damn.....God bless those boys.
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    Confessions of an amp fiend..the final chapter

    Sometimes when you're excited and you have pre conceived sounds in your head it might overshadow what an amp can really do. Maybe wait a day or so and give it another spin?
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    Happy Memorial Day

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    Is it just me?

    I think the internet forums turned fiction into facts and waaaaay too many people can't tell the difference between what is perfectly fine and what isn't and they spread the insane nonsense which newcomers swallow like a porn star and they poop the jibber jabber out and like fertilizer it...
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    Antstrat doesn't need more guitars petition.....

    Who? He's an ******* so who cares.
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    Would upgrading the wiring on squire's cheapest tele yield any noticeable differences?

    Won't make any sound difference but it would be a really good project to learn how to do stuff yourself. You'll also get tons of help as you screw things up the first time around I say do it.
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    Justin Hawkins analysis of Wet Leg’s massive hit Chaise Longue.

    I think he's really good, very personable guy.