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  1. ryunker

    Is GAS a curable disease?

    What worked for me was the end of readily available rosewood fret boards, now having a slew (like 32) guitars now, I have cut down to "one ish " additions a year.
  2. ryunker

    Who's had a plek done?

    I have had at least 10 of mine "PLEK serviced" none by Sweetwater. On a visit there, witnessed the plek dude results right out of the machine, in my opinion destroyed the guitar. PLEK is a tool, you still have to shop for an experienced tech with the PLEK. Results are still driven by the...
  3. ryunker

    Help in identification

    Ok, thanks. They will be gone soon
  4. ryunker

    Help in identification

    Not factory, its a Gibson explorer M4.
  5. ryunker

    Help in identification

    Strap buttons, these are installed on a new (to me) guitar and I have no clue about them at all Any help would be grand.
  6. ryunker

    Wanted Gibson strap buttons chrome

    Anybody have a pair of these for sale?
  7. ryunker

    Older, happily (or unhappily) married people, what advice do you have for 26 year old me?

    Trade her in, marriage is the #1 reason for divorce. Try again in another decade or so, then you could possibly be ready.
  8. ryunker

    Let’s See Your Latest Guitar Acquisition👇

    I am down to my short list of "Bucket list" guitars and this was found last weekend unexpectedly in a pawn shop, followed me home. I am a huge fan, saw him at Sweetwaters gearfest about a decade ago, these were available then, but had to choose house payment, or cool guitar... House won then.
  9. ryunker

    No Blue Guitars☹️

    Blue guitars are awesome.
  10. ryunker

    Fender MIM: how much would you offer?

    If it was not modified, and was "cleaned up", $600 to $700 is real money in the current market. It is modified, and not cleaned up so half of that is reasonable.
  11. ryunker

    Weather blowin in

    Ah, a weekend in the middle of the week, shop closed today and tomorrow along with just about everything else, hope internet service stays live
  12. ryunker

    Weather blowin in

    18" of snow before thursday, 2" of ice still on the driveway, feet of snow in the yard. Highs in the low Reem for the most of the week. Feel sorry for ya thomquietwolf
  13. ryunker

    The real D’Angelico Guitars!

    So I have the exl1, "Excel line" built in Korea, and this guitar is simply perfect. Zero issues and sound is amazing.
  14. ryunker


    Too many here for a binder in the cars. Yes a media whore. We never did or do that streaming stuff. We buy new music media at least weekly.
  15. ryunker


    Every day, Right this second this one is spinning
  16. ryunker

    Rosewood Yay!

    Both of mine as well, wonderful guitars
  17. ryunker

    Rosewood Yay!

    Funny how PRS can build strats with rosewood boards for hundreds less than anything Fender can. Years back Squiers with rosewood boards could be had for like $100, now none at all are produced. Big fan still of the rosewood stuff. As for the manufactures that refuse to use it, thanks a ton for...
  18. ryunker

    Depart with my Fender strats to get a Silver Sky

    Getting huge GAS for a Silver Sky. They look amazing, from what I have seen the build quality is quite honestly the best. I know my favorite artists like Clapton and John Mayer do not sport the PRS stuff. Still think the PRS is in my short future for 2023
  19. ryunker


    I have two, this one and a "custom s". Both great guitars
  20. ryunker

    How many electrics do you own at the moment?

    28 at the moment. I might have issues...
  21. ryunker

    What is the most...?

    Illinois, followed by california
  22. ryunker

    What about those 335 type guitars?

    I have the top two are semi-hollow and the bottom one is hollow. Out of all of the guitars at home, that Epiphone 335 pro is awesome. I have two SG's an Epiphone and a Gibson. They are way different. As stated earlier, go play some the differences are amazing, and very difficult to explain.
  23. ryunker

    I wonder if people have any money this year...

    In this case 100% wife, I had no clue
  24. ryunker

    I wonder if people have any money this year...

    It would be a bust for me, wife showed me a birthday gift (mid january for me yesterday, pretty cool custom guitar from the band "Falling in Reverse" Zombified guitar. Excited, but don't get it until mid january