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  1. elduderinoTF

    Do you often play your Strat unplugged?

    I would if my Princeton didn't sound so delicious.
  2. elduderinoTF

    Atlantic City

  3. elduderinoTF

    Atlantic City

  4. elduderinoTF

    Nonsense trivia

    Like Metallica in Moscow
  5. elduderinoTF

    Rhino Bucket

  6. elduderinoTF

    R.I.P. Jim Brown

  7. elduderinoTF

    I need, ok want, a travel practice amp that.....

    I'd like to hear more about this. Now they have a Spark Mini. Is it easy to use?
  8. elduderinoTF

    Anyone tried the Riffsmith 44" work mat?

    That's all it is. I just use an old beach towel or somethin'.
  9. elduderinoTF

    Yes, Yes

  10. elduderinoTF


    I wish I knew what you're talkin' about.
  11. elduderinoTF


    Sorry. I'm now thinking this isn't Tug Douglas.
  12. elduderinoTF

    Anyone else into...

    R Rolling Stones - Prodigal Son
  13. elduderinoTF


    Do you also go by the name Tug Douglas?
  14. elduderinoTF

    This drummer knows how to keep a BEAT !!

    Must be rednecks. Gotta deal with them forcefully.
  15. elduderinoTF

    One word song title transference

    Down Rodeo
  16. elduderinoTF

    If you could...

  17. elduderinoTF

    Ever get a compulsion?

    I shaved mine off a few weeks ago. Crazy thing, it grew right back.
  18. elduderinoTF

    It's Friday night, and I think we need a MEME thread.

    I did this a while back with a DIY pedal.