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  1. Cali Dude

    Fender tweed champ 12ax7 vs 12ay7

    I have the same Clapton vibro champ. I still have the original tubes in mine, and it has amazing tone, and grind when turned up. It sounds to me like yours needs new tubes.
  2. Cali Dude

    What type of rig/setup gives you your absolute favorite guitar tone?

    What type of woods are used in this very cool Lowden guitar.
  3. Cali Dude

    NGD Fender Vintera 70s Strat Hardtail

    Cool Strat! Is that shoreline gold?
  4. Cali Dude

    What type of rig/setup gives you your absolute favorite guitar tone?

    For blues, my tweed Harvard matched with my buddy guy Strat. For Rock, my hamer into my thd bivalve. For country, my G&L asat into my deluxe reverb.
  5. Cali Dude

    Pictures of you playing guitar

    Played at this pub every weekend in the late 90s.
  6. Cali Dude

    Detail pics of a fave guitar.

    I love my Larrivee too. That inlay is beautiful.
  7. Cali Dude

    Detail pics of a fave guitar.

    Coo Cool Larrivee L-10. What year is it?
  8. Cali Dude

    Looking at used American built Taylor acustics

    I had a Taylor 322. It was a nice guitar, with a very comfortable size. However, over time I decided that it really was not as nice as my Larrivee, so I got rid of it. I would consider a Larrivee as a nice alternative .
  9. Cali Dude

    Hello from Toronto!

    Welcome to the club. You are definitely in the right place.
  10. Cali Dude

    Please Help: I don’t get it - ….Rory Gallagher??

    I'm with you. His playing is alright, but it doesn't do much for me (other than making me feel better about my own playing). I guess we can't all enjoy the same music, nor all appreciate the same players. There is nothing wrong with "not getting it." I definitely enjoy SRV, Guy, Clapton, and...
  11. Cali Dude

    What do you guys do for a living?

    I'm a retired mental health therapist.
  12. Cali Dude

    Ceramic pickups.

    In my experience with pickups, I don't know that it matters. I love Lace Gold's, and they are ceramic. I also dig G&L MFD pickups, and they're ceramic as well. I don't think that I could tell ceramic from alnico if I was blind folded.
  13. Cali Dude

    So I did a thang last night....

    Wow, that vibrolux looks so clean. What year is it?
  14. Cali Dude

    Strat Plus Gold Lace Sensors - blown away!

    I agree. I have the Lace Gold's in my Buddy Guy Strat (very similar to the EC Strat), and they get a great vintage sound to my ears. Matched up with the midboost circuit and the TBX control, and it's one versatile guitar.
  15. Cali Dude

    What ya drinking?

    Beck's non alcoholic beer.
  16. Cali Dude

    Had eye surgery today.

    Glad you got that surgery done immediately. Be sure not to push it during your convalescing. I hope you recover quickly, and have a perfect outcome.
  17. Cali Dude

    Best HH Strat?

    I really loved my big apple Strat. Great humbucker sounds, and really good position 2&4 sound too. I believe it came with a Duncan '59 in the neck and a Pearly Gates in the bridge.
  18. Cali Dude

    The Telecaster is the best pound for pound electric guitar.

    Okay cool, thanks. For some reason,it didn't come up on my page like that. Sorry for for being negative. I apologize.
  19. Cali Dude

    The Telecaster is the best pound for pound electric guitar.

    It says one is a Strat, and the other is a a Tele. Not the first is a Strat and the second one is a Tele. It isn't really clear. No reason to be condescending.
  20. Cali Dude

    The Telecaster is the best pound for pound electric guitar.

    Which is which? I prefer the second one.
  21. Cali Dude

    The Telecaster is the best pound for pound electric guitar.

    Different tools for different jobs. I really much prefer my Strat, especially when playing blues or rock. I do enjoy a Tele for more country sounds.
  22. Cali Dude

    Considering an Eric Clapton Signature

    One thing that you will notice with the midboost circuit is that it will be louder than a standard Strat with regular single coil pickups. This is true whether you turn up the midboost or not. The midboost does add another dimension to the sound, and you can get some convincing humbucker sounds...
  23. Cali Dude

    Ain't No Sunshine, Bill Withers 1971

    That was awesome! You really captured the feeling in that one. Also, that Martin sounds fabulous.
  24. Cali Dude

    Older, happily (or unhappily) married people, what advice do you have for 26 year old me?

    Learn that most differences are not worth arguing about. Avoid being critical. Praise each other ; "You look beautiful." "That was a fantastic dinner." Etc.... The phrase "thank you" can't be used too much. Keep the passion alive. Make her and your relationship a priority. Little surprises, just...
  25. Cali Dude

    Which Lace Sensors for…

    I'm not an expert on SRV's gear. Texas special pickups are supposed to be a close proximity to his tone. But as for which Lace sensors would be close to his sound, it might be neither.

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