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  1. Erik_C

    NGD: American Vintage '70s

    Thank you for congratulating me :) I don't know why the AV '70s never really took off, but you're right that the MIMs are very close to the USA models! I have both now so I can compare them.
  2. Erik_C

    NGD: American Vintage '70s

    There was an early AV series from 2005 - 2012. And they did come with a black tolex case.
  3. Erik_C

    NGD: American Vintage '70s

    Sorry. I meant Classic Series! Not Custon DHop. My mistake.
  4. Erik_C

    NGD: American Vintage '70s

    Maybe not the best pictures but they give you an idea of my latest purchase. I cannot give you a review because I'm not an expert. All I can say is that I'm very happy with this new Strat. One more thing: I also own a Mexican made Fender Classic Series 70s Strat and - compared to the AV - the...
  5. Erik_C

    NGD! Fender AVII 1973 Stratocaster Natural

    HNGD!!! She's beautiful!!!
  6. Erik_C

    Strato CS Time Machine

    WOW!!! What a beauty!!! Congrats!
  7. Erik_C

    New Miami Blue Strat day

    Wow, what a beauty! Congrats!
  8. Erik_C

    When did you decide to get a Fender?

    I wanted to have a Strat since I was about 12 or 13 years old. I still remember looking at the 1979 Anniversary Strat at the local music shop back then hoping that some day I could afford a Fender myself. Anyway, I bought my first Strat (American Strat) many, many years later with all the money...
  9. Erik_C

    Edited (wrong forum) Sorry.

  10. Erik_C

    Picture: Rory Gallagher presenting a Strat.

    Saw this on Facebook and thought some people would love this pic. The caption reads: Rory presenting Helen Brook with a 1979 sunburst finish, maple neck Fender Stratocaster at the Bond Street, London HMV store having won a competition to describe Rory's music.
  11. Erik_C

    Most overrated strat guitarists...

    Clapton. He's boring.
  12. Erik_C

    NGD - Mocha Ultra

    Wow! I would not buy an Ultra myself since I am more of a "vintage" person, but that is a really beauty! Nice colour! Congrats and HNGD!
  13. Erik_C

    Squier Classic vibe Indonesia bad rep???

    I sold my CV 60s Strat the other day. Not because I didn't like it but because to thin out my collection. I am not an expert but I honestly found that Squier very nice. It was well built and sounded great. So in my opinion, there's nothing wrong with Indonesian built Squiers.
  14. Erik_C

    Which vintage year Strat do you prefer? And why?

    I chose 1965 because I believe Jimi played a 1965 Strat on his first album ("Are You Experienced"). Not sure, though.
  15. Erik_C

    NGD Fender MIJ St71

    What a beauty!!! HNGD!
  16. Erik_C

    No Fender Strat

    A Squier Classic Vibe 's60 Strat?
  17. Erik_C

    Picture (Nancy Wilson + Strat)

    Just in case you haven't seen this before.
  18. Erik_C

    NGD! NGD!

    What a beauty! HNGD!
  19. Erik_C

    Strats you wished you had bought....

    A second American Standard Strat.
  20. Erik_C

    Fender 70's Classic Strat pickups

    I kept the stock pickups. They sound great in my opinion.
  21. Erik_C

    Would You Play Hard Rock on a Strat With a Natural Finish ?

    Fast Eddie Clarke played hard rock on a Natural Finish so the answer is "yes!"
  22. Erik_C

    A Stratocaster is better than a Les Paul because?

    Because it was Jimi's favourite guitar.