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    GHS David Gilmour and other Stratocaster strings

    I started using the red and blue on all my guitars and suddenly I could play everything just like Gilmour. My friends and bandmates couldn't believe it. 🤣 Seriously though... I actually did restring most of my guitars a few months back with the red and blue (2x LP, 2x Schecter, and my MIM...
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    Somehow I left my Katana 50 on for like 3 days...

    I leave my 50 MkII EX and Mini on all the time... lazy or forget? A bit of both I think...
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    Another "Show Us Your Strats" Thread

    My low budget Gilmour... MIM but close enough on the aesthetics to make me happy.
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    Yet another Show Your Pedalboard thread

    Older pic... in the process of reworking it actually... have a WH Swollen Pickle, WH Saucy Box, Keeley Neutrino, and volume pedal to wedge in somewhere... plus those I have yet to buy 🤪 I am toying with the idea of separating into 2 boards rather than going larger - one for modulation, and the...
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    What's the truth about loosening strings before adjusting truss or saddle height?

    Old thread but yes I can say for sure if you are adjusting the saddle screws, release the tension... I learned this the hard way.