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  1. Apache49

    What wood is the body of my 85 MIJ squire?

    Basswood Body
  2. Apache49

    What wood is the body of my 85 MIJ squire?

    I own an 86 Squier MIJ, it has a Basswood body. Weighs just under 8 pounds. Lots of very high end guitars use basswood so nothing to worry about there.
  3. Apache49

    Fender Japan "vs." US made

    I have an 86 MIJ Strat bought new. Superb quality, wouldn't sell it.
  4. Apache49

    Am Pro II Fret Buzz

    Is the nut slot on that string cut too deep?
  5. Apache49

    Eric Clapton signature versus Custom Shop

    Fender make CS guitars because there is a market for them and they make megabucks from every sale. From the purchasers perspective he can order a guitar to his exact specifications, not a compromise that will do the job but never really be IT.
  6. Apache49

    E series MIJ

    I bought a brand new E Series 1986 Strat. Still have it. Many years ago I compared it with my brothers US made Fender. No comparison, the Squier is so much better than his not so well made, overpriced Fender. In fact I have tried many US made Strats since and none of them were any better than...
  7. Apache49

    Got a new Guitar on the way

    My 1986 MIJ Squier is the bees knees, never found a Fender as good. I blocked off the trem and replaced the pickups. Job done. Cost £229 new, plus the custom shop pickups $99.
  8. Apache49

    FSR American Special

    I love my Texas Specials. Listen to this demo. What’s not to like?
  9. Apache49

    UPDATE on my health

    Great news. I went through something similar (stage 4) three years go. I’m still kicking. The treatments available today are marvellous. Enjoy your beer
  10. Apache49

    If you only had one amp for life, which one?

    Fender Vibroverb which I already own
  11. Apache49

    YOU DECIDE my new Strat color!

    Red, no question
  12. Apache49

    2x10 combos... who loves'em???

    Vibroverb 2 x 10
  13. Apache49

    Getting the itch for a Jazzmaster...

    I have been pondering about buying a JM or a Tele, can’t decide.
  14. Apache49

    How Long Do Unused Strings Last?

    I bought a bunch of Ernie Ball SuperSlinky strings in the guitar shop at Best Buy. They were closing down so got them for a great price. When I opened them up all the first, second, third strings were rusty. Packets were sealed and unopened. the D'Addario strings I bought at the same time were...
  15. Apache49

    Texas specials sound thin???

    Texas Special demo here
  16. Apache49

    Texas specials sound thin???

    I have Custom Shop Texas Specials in my 86 Squire, they rock.
  17. Apache49

    SRV Sig Strat Fret Question

    New nut required. Take it for a set up. Had a similar problem with a Les Paul. The guitar tech adjusted the truss rod and replaced the nut with a new bone nut, dressed the frets $150. Plays beautifully now.
  18. Apache49

    Do you polish your Stratocaster??

    Fender Guitar Polish Pump Spray Bottle, 990501000 Comes up real nice