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  1. Cesspit

    If you could...

    Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers.
  2. Cesspit

    Official old man antics

    That's not good. Speedy recovery buddy.
  3. Cesspit

    Day After Day.

    Bad finger are one of my favourites. A real tragic story.
  4. Cesspit

    Happy birthday Mick Ralphs

    I inspect care homes for a living and was privileged to meet Mick whilst working. I shook his hand and thanked him for making my life richer for his music. So sad, happy birthday.
  5. Cesspit

    I think I’ll quit playing now…

    Personally this stuff, whilst very clever, leaves me stone cold. I'm from the Mike Campbell/Eric Clapton school of playing. Each to their own though.
  6. Cesspit

    Nutz or what?

    And what a great band they were too. Regular band at the Marquee club.
  7. Cesspit

    My favorite Clapton tone

    He has been the biggest influence on my playing and I love the mid seventies clean strat tones. Anything that features 'Blackie' will do for me.
  8. Cesspit

    Paul Kossoff

    Kids was a wonderful guitarist, very underated.
  9. Cesspit

    The best of both Strat wiring worlds?

    For me leave both tones on max, and work off the volume control.
  10. Cesspit

    Just curious, how old were you...

    66 and weight has never been an issue.
  11. Cesspit

    Eric Clapton Masterbuilt and Blocked Tremelo Question

    Parts caster has the 5 springs with the claw flat to the cavity. Very stable and sounds great. No need for a wood block as have a big term block in place.
  12. Cesspit

    As usual

    I wouldn't get upset about it, he never remembers mine.....
  13. Cesspit

    We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause...

    Unless you want to buy something, no delay in getting an answer in those circumstances.
  14. Cesspit

    I wonder how

    Long time fan of Rory and that is a great album.
  15. Cesspit

    Here it is Monday

    He is still one of my all time favourites...
  16. Cesspit

    Are you happy with your playing skills?

    50 years on and I could/should still be better. I have no theory to speak of so all self taught by ear. Arthritis is currently the main challenge and I've had to stop gigging and recording for that reason. It's also slowed me down a little but it has made me concentrate more on (hopefully)...
  17. Cesspit

    Some say your vehicle.

    I have a Mercedes Benz CLK 240, 2004. A very comfy, effortless and lazy drive. The old girl does A to B in a superb way. For fun I have my Triumph Street Twin.
  18. Cesspit

    Can you find it?

    Found A pretty quick, along with some other letters, but I'm no genius.
  19. Cesspit

    RIP William Hurt (march 2022)

    One of my favourites is Children of a lesser God. He was a good actor.
  20. Cesspit

    Ancient Apocalypse is plausible, right?

    So long as there are gaps in our knowledge people will try to fill them. Separating the wheat from the chaff is, and has been tough. Time will tell but in the mean time I am open to the possibilities, even if I reject them once I have had a look.
  21. Cesspit

    Ancient Apocalypse is plausible, right?

    I've read some of Mr Hancocks books and watched the series. I've also sought out opposing views to try to get a balance on this fascinating subject. The objectors seem to just say it's all rubbish, there's no evidence and he is a crank. (Some posts here give a flavour of that). Has Mr Hancock...
  22. Cesspit

    Why do you like Stratocasters ?

    Looks It fits, comfort Sound versatility You have to work a strat, a good one fights back a little so when you get it right it is very rewarding.
  23. Cesspit

    Really? Again?

    Both my wife and I work in adult social care so we've been exposed to the Covid on a daily basis. We were fortunate when we caught it in 2020, delta variant before the vaccine came out. Luckily we were not that ill, hardly at all really and we've been clear since. Hope she is ok.
  24. Cesspit

    Sadly this isn’t a joke.

    I would class that more of a whoosh than a bang, but I take your point. Mans greatest adventure.