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  1. Dik Ellis

    Yet another Show Your Pedalboard thread

    My rigs for different amps.
  2. Dik Ellis

    GHS David Gilmour and other Stratocaster strings

    I have been using GHS Boomers LXL, since Fender discontinued the 150's gauge .10-.38.
  3. Dik Ellis

    Pictures of you playing guitar

    Some old photos.
  4. Dik Ellis

    Wah Wah talk; discuss….

    Have a Crybaby, a Vox and a 70's Morley Power/Wah/Boost.
  5. Dik Ellis

    Show off your stool

    Nothing fancy, just functional.
  6. Dik Ellis

    Anyone play more "structured" songs in bands/jam groups?

    Every jam is different. Structured or freeform, it's a chance to unwind.
  7. Dik Ellis

    I can't tell you why, but this is the best Eagles song IMHO

    The Eagles have a great body of work. Top tier songwriting and superb musicians.
  8. Dik Ellis

    Maple necks

    Love those Maple necks! 🥰
  9. Dik Ellis

    Tina Turner RIP

    The Lady had soul.
  10. Dik Ellis

    Music For Cats

    When the wife was traveling a lot, I would put on Blue Mondays radio. All blues and the guys would lay around the living room, being cool.
  11. Dik Ellis

    Do you ever see yourself totally abandoning your tube amp ?

    Still have my Mesa MKIIB. It weighs a ton, but it's a heavyweight in the kick ass department.
  12. Dik Ellis

    Oversized strap buttons?

    DiMarzio made some oversized strap buttons in the early 80's. Bought some for my Les Paul Custom. They worked great and cost me about $7.
  13. Dik Ellis

    Hamer Owners' Club

    Bought 2 Hamer Specials, one with Humbuckers and one with P90's
  14. Dik Ellis

    Anyone else waiting on a backordered guitar?

    I had ordered an Epiphone Casino, it was a cut above the standard models, but I can't remember what it was called. After they pushed the ship date back for the 3rd time, I canceled and got a Rickenbacker 360 instead. And it was for less money.
  15. Dik Ellis

    Detail pics of a fave guitar.

    I should have included a pic of the full guitar. My bad.
  16. Dik Ellis


    My Parker Fly Classic. This guitar is something else!
  17. Dik Ellis

    The list of things I’ve seen now includes everything.

    Yow! I don't think so, Tim.
  18. Dik Ellis

    Detail pics of a fave guitar.

    I got it in 1996. It's a pretty nice guitar.
  19. Dik Ellis

    Ever hear of this guy?

    Oi! We were mates way back when.
  20. Dik Ellis

    Josefina Strat pickups: worth it?

    Not in my lifetime.
  21. Dik Ellis

    Cat Toys

    A toilet paper tube, that little plastic tie on gallon jugs of milk, and a pill bottle with one pill still in it.
  22. Dik Ellis

    Ever met a famous person before?

    Met Heart and Stu Cook from CCR.
  23. Dik Ellis

    Any fans here of Steve Marriott and Humble Pie?

    Saw Humble Pie right after Peter Frampton left. Some new band opened for them. I think they were called Loggins and Messina. ;) Both bands kicked ass!!!
  24. Dik Ellis

    Is GAS a curable disease?

    Hell, you never stop looking. That's the fun of it. I thinned the herd, and kept what I really liked. Only pedals for me now.
  25. Dik Ellis

    Detail pics of a fave guitar.

    My Larrivee L-10 and my Carvin TL-60