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    New (to me) Guitar, 2015 Sienna Sunburst Stratocaster

    My Pro has that finish, and it gets tons of compliments.
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    Should I trade a MIJ E series strat in black model 362V for an american standard stratocaster 2012?

    First I would check current prices for both models. Quality wise they are going to be very close, but in general, the Standard may get a better return. I'm mentioning the prices because what I had to pay to get my 2004 CIJ Aerodyne was more than I had expected.
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    Do you often play your Strat unplugged?

    Playing any of my guitars unplugged is how I warm up every day. When carpal tunnell sets in, I eat breakfast and then plug up for the rest of the day.
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    How many CS cases can you stack with guitars inside?

    Regardless of construction, I would never stack more than a couple. For one thing, access gets to be a problem very quickly. I have mine all stored vertically, CS or otherwise.
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    10.5 gauge strings/set-up

    The changes the guys are suggesting are all possible. Just put the new strings on a see what needs to be done. My actual experience, going from 10's to 10.5's on a Jazzmaster, required no changes at all.
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    The newest Aerodyne Strats look interesting...

    This is not a comment on the Aerodyne line. I have one of the 2004 models and I'm crazy about it. But, this afternoon our local GC finally got one in stock and I had to give it a shot. Turns out it was a return, probably 5 or 6 months old, and still with the original strings (9-42). Those...
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    What body and pickups does a Crafted in Japan Stratocaster have? Serial Q046433

    Sorry for the delay, I completely overlooked the thread for a while. I did have my luthier replace the pickup height adjustment screws and he confirmed the the pickups are Fender AlNiCo 5. He also found the pots to be USA made. But the three-way switch is Japanese, and sealed. For which I am...
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    What body and pickups does a Crafted in Japan Stratocaster have? Serial Q046433

    I have to wonder if people see "basswood" and think 'balsa".
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    Anyone have an AV56 Strat?

    Thanks. I just never saw the AlNiCo rating in the advertising.
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    The newest Aerodyne Strats look interesting...

    I have to agree to some extent with Amstratnut, those bursts are not Fender's best work. But as bad as they are, they are still better than most of the other colors offered.
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    Anyone have an AV56 Strat?

    I have the Mary Kaye version of the AV56. I'm not sure that those pickups are AlNiCo 3. They seem a little more powerful than the 3's on my AV54. And these guys are correct in finding the wrong neck on that guitar.
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    The newest Aerodyne Strats look interesting...

    The early (2002) Aerodynes featured a limited version of the Pickguardless, bound, strat, and several other companies (PRS, Suhr, etc) jumped on the trend.
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    Very Disappointed

    You might be surprised how much play is built into these guitars. I've seen this particular problem with my guitars, and others, and I was able to set the matter correctly every time.
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    Roadhouse Deluxe

    Other than the headstock, what was the difference between the Deluxe and the Roadhouse Deluxe?
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    accidently discovered setup method to make strat more slinky

    If the frets are level, then minimal releif and lowering the saddles has always given me incredible action.
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    How rare is a ebony fingerboard on a Strat?

    Be carefull what you wish for. A luthier friend built a Strat with an ebony board and we could not get the high end under control no matter what we did with either the guitar or the amp. Within a month he swapped the neck for a single piece maple.
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    Tremolo arm spring for a new MIM Player? & Tremolo advice.

    Check out Stew-Mack catgalog. That spring should be paired with a little ball bearing. SM has the whole package for just a couple bucks. The ball bearing makes moving the arm quieter.
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    Fender American Professional Stratocaster Thoughts

    The best deal I ever got on a guitar was on my AmPro. I bought the version 1 on the day that the version 2 was introduced at GC. The Sienna burst had been tagged at $1999, and as part of a clearence sale, they let me have it for $1200. The pickups can be bright, but the tone control keeps that...
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    7.25 inch radius

    To be honest, I don't really feel much difference untill the radius hits 12". I have small hands, but long fingers.
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    A "Normal" Number of Strats?

    Well, you have to have several of the American Vintage models, at least one CS, a couple Standards (maple & rosewood), either a EC or EJ, an Aerodyne, and maybe an old Deluxe. So between 12 and 14 would be nornal.
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    NGD - When An MIJ is Actually An AVRI '57 Strat

    I don't think the bridge covers were ever included with the earlier AV modeks. I bougt all of mine new and never saw one. It wasn't untill I got my 2014 AV54 that I got the bridge cover.
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    I think this is the most beautiful cs fender I have ever seen

    Looks good, but has nothing on my 2014 AV54.
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    Best upgrade you can make to a strat

    Best upgrade for Strat: Putting it in the car and taking it home. Not much else even comes close.
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    No more Fender guitars for me.

    While I've seen minor problems with every brand I've ever played, I can't say that I've ever sworn off on any of them, or encouraged other to do so. These are after all man made products and prone to human error. And I know enough about the nature of these things to see promise in an instrument...