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  1. Martin Mim

    What the heck happened in the early days of Mexico

    Yea, Aztecs were a tribe from the main Mexica empire, so technically it is okay. 🙂
  2. Martin Mim

    What the heck happened in the early days of Mexico

    Aztecs are not the real name. It is Mexicas. The Spaniards conquered the Mexica empire. Little known fact. The Aztec tribe lived in the city of Tenochtitlan, the Mexica empire’s main city. As for Fender Ensenada history, I know little. All I can say is that I love my Mim standard strat. I did...
  3. Martin Mim

    so I bought Beavis and Butthead yesterday

    Great score! Congrats
  4. Martin Mim


    HNGD. Rock the roof off!
  5. Martin Mim

    Another USA Stratocaster 1979, if it is legit...

    Luce bien. Auténtica, aparentemente.
  6. Martin Mim

    NGD Black Fender MIJ ST-72

    Happy NGD. That’s a great one!
  7. Martin Mim

    26 Years Married today.

    Cheers! Happy anniversary.
  8. Martin Mim

    I got married today!

    Wishing you both a long and happy life together.
  9. Martin Mim

    Cover of Early in the Morning

    Very nice!
  10. Martin Mim

    Drew Abbott playing a Fender Stratocaster

    Bob Seger is my favorite American rocker. Not very well known in Mexico, unfortunately. His guitar player is great.
  11. Martin Mim

    Ever get a compulsion?

    Wanna look about ten years younger? I don’t, that’s why mine stays.
  12. Martin Mim

    Real Fender MIM 1993 Strat?

    It is really Fender, budget series, no longer made. A notch above real Squier of that time.
  13. Martin Mim

    Real Fender MIM 1993 Strat?

    Looks legit. Price is nice. Looks like a fine squier series Fender stratocaster, MIM.
  14. Martin Mim

    Have a...

    Thank you for your good wishes. Enjoy!
  15. Martin Mim

    Comparsa Guatemalteca - Original music

    Marimba sends me back to Chiapas and Veracruz regions of Mexico. So it brings me good memories. Well executed, sir.
  16. Martin Mim

    Comparsa Guatemalteca - Original music

    That’s very nice!
  17. Martin Mim

    Hahahahaha my haha gig!

    That’s insane! Great story @guitarchaeologist .
  18. Martin Mim

    NGD (Standard Strat)

    Felicidades. Disfruta la bella strato negra.
  19. Martin Mim

    4 years ago today ....

    You are blessed, good fellow. Happy Easter, everyone!
  20. Martin Mim

    Ngd (standard strat content)

    Hendrix would approve. What a beauty!
  21. Martin Mim

    How I got my name!!!!! (warning: Really long post!)

    Keep the faith! Wishing you the best on your road to full recovery.
  22. Martin Mim

    I've gone off the deep end. LP content.

    Awesome collection. Which one sounds best?
  23. Martin Mim

    Stones Plush Toy

    Keep at it, Mike! Sounding like a pro already!! :thumb: