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  1. StratMike10

    Found a foray into grunge from four years ago.

    Why aren't you making a living at this? Bad Ass.
  2. StratMike10

    Girl From Ipanema (another david and erica collab)

    Wonderful cover of a world classic, I love it.
  3. StratMike10

    Non-guitar related car talk

    Had the motor been the original 396 I would have probably rebuilt it, especially if it had been an L78, but at some point someone pulled the original and replaced it with a 69 “truck” 396 with peanut heads. This replacement was an old stored 4-bolt L72 block, had it bored .030 over, with...
  4. StratMike10

    I’m trending modern

    I've been attracted to modern designs since Al Dimeola put Dimarzio super distortion HB's on his LP. I owned a 74 strat at the time and eventually bought an LP studio, didn't start playing anything modern until the early 00's. I purchased a used Ibanez Ghostrider, a totally different guitar...
  5. StratMike10

    Mood for a Day

    Excellent! That was great RPK, very well done.
  6. StratMike10

    Non-guitar related car talk

    My son and I are working on a 1968 chevelle SS, he flew up to Kansas City and drove a few hours to retrieve and put it in a trailer back in Februar. Took this picture of the car when he got there. interior was a little torn, but the plan is to strip it to the metal and restore as many of the...
  7. StratMike10

    New book - Should we still revere our heroes when we know bad things about them?

    It can be hard to learn that someone who's actions (or art) I admire and hold in high esteem may also have a shady side, so my approach has been to take a step back and look at the situation as a whole. I don't know the individual and what motivates them, but I'm sure it is much more and much...
  8. StratMike10

    My volume dilemma.

    Another vote for an attenuator.
  9. StratMike10


    Don't worry man. I'm 97.5% sure everything will work out fine.
  10. StratMike10

    Retail madness

    Ok, I will cook, I will water the flowers, I will do the dishes, and I will even wash her car, but I'm definitely drawing the line at returning my wife's clothing purchases.
  11. StratMike10

    Easy come, easy go

    You mean you are getting $10k in military back pay, are going to pay $6.5k in taxes, use the rest towards your wife's car, and Oh! a new guitar just arrived at your door.
  12. StratMike10

    Play Every Day?

    I grab a guitar just about every day and do something with it, even if I’m not feeling it, which is many of those days. Because when the good days come and inspiration knocks on my door, man, it sure pays to be ready. This year marks 50 years since I started playing guitar, and still, every...
  13. StratMike10

    One-liners in lyrics

    I worked five long years for one woman, she had the nerve to put me out. My smile is stuck, I cannot go back to your frownland She tied you to a kitchen chair, she broke your throne, and she cut your hair
  14. StratMike10

    One-liners in lyrics

    Never look for the truth in your mothers eyes Then I fumbled through my closet and found my cleanest dirty shirt Well, I'm not the world's most masculine man but I know what I am and I'm glad I'm a man and so is Lola
  15. StratMike10

    Is America's addiction to true crime genre a sign of approaching end times?

    We used to gather in large venues to enjoy watching men, women and children get devoured alive by lions, so I’d say we’ve come a long way.
  16. StratMike10

    Pictures of you playing guitar

    My avatar, playing at the local seafood festival 20 years ago with the Don’t Quit Your Day Job band, good times.
  17. StratMike10

    It's Friday night, and I think we need a MEME thread.

    Woman during the times of the Spanish inquisition performs silly hand trick. Clergyman observes trick, finds it to be an obvious case of sorcery. Woman is burned alive. You know, typical stuff from the epoch.
  18. StratMike10

    Last Caress/Green Hell - Metallica

    Oh man... don't tell me you're already making retirement plans... :)
  19. StratMike10

    Last Caress/Green Hell - Metallica

    I would need a relaxing vacation as well after exerting in such an extreme way... are you sure you left no broken bones on your wrist or a completely demolished join in your elbow? My God Ralph. Excellent effort my friend, enjoy your trip, and hopefully we will get some pictures of the...
  20. StratMike10

    What do you guys do for a living?

    Licensed electrical engineer, quit the corp world in 1997 and never looked back. Pluses: I wake up whenever I want to, and I get to bring the dog to my office. Minuses: dog thinks she’s the boss.
  21. StratMike10

    RIP Gordon Lightfoot ☹️

    There are a handful of songwriters that connect me not just with the memories but with what it felt like to be young. A refreshing, nostalgic, warm yearning sensation that carries me away. For a little while anyway. Great run GL, teach them angels how it’s done.
  22. StratMike10

    I need a name.

    Fetal Pig
  23. StratMike10

    I’m somewhat intrigued.

    I’ve had mine for a few years and really like it. No good for playing out or with others, but as a home amp or even to take outside on a nice day, it sounds nice, has some decent settings and effects, will run on batteries if you need that, and records well into my daw Interface. I would...