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  1. Tee H C

    Shut up PB ;)

    Shut up PB ;)
  2. Tee H C

    Post a current picture with one of your guitars !

    Rehearsals before the CoVid
  3. Tee H C

    New Mod Shop Bubble Gum Metallic - Anyone have a real photo?

    I like it more in the flesh than in the OP
  4. Tee H C

    What Do I Have?

    Very nice Squier body.
  5. Tee H C

    Need help on any info. on my 1964 strat. body witrh a 1967 strat neck

    This stuff STILL happens here then LOL. Aww The classic ''Don't know much about this guitar it used to belong to my Grandad's Grandad and was lost in an attic until the belt sander got it. But is it worth 4.5Million??'' Good job these guys know their stuff.
  6. Tee H C

    62 AVRI Strat…ish

    That is a beauty
  7. Tee H C

    21 pages of Tribute is NOT enough.

    My Cat posted that last message !!!!!!!???????? It's special, that's why I still have it Mouse. Like the Rat. Hope you are well Sir ???
  8. Tee H C

    21 pages of Tribute is NOT enough.

    Still got the RAT and the Plectrum <3 hope you are all well ??
  9. Tee H C

    21 pages of Tribute is NOT enough.

    Mike man miss you man
  10. Tee H C

    In Memory Of/Kelly Tribute's:

    God this is gonna be a tough watch. Thanks guys. <3 Its lovely that he being remembered and tributed. What a great soul he was and is.
  11. Tee H C

    21 pages of Tribute is NOT enough.

    Thanks for the extra info guys. I will do and do. Thanks for the kind words of Amstratnut <3 Long time brother. And you StevieRayFan91 and thanks for letting me know why it was closed and that is fair enough. I was too upset to read it all yesterday (when I found out) I have a feeling he was...
  12. Tee H C

    21 pages of Tribute is NOT enough.

    I only found out today that we ALL lost Helter. And this news totally crushed me, and I am just devastated at this news. Helter was ALWAYS the kindest Soul, and his love for Animals, Music, Guns and his Family was always obvious. I am sad that I didn't find out he had past until nowm and came...
  13. Tee H C

    The Mouse Hole

    Sending Loves. Social Distancing by way too far. But Loves never the less. I need to get back into playing. :(
  14. Tee H C

    Be Careful Guys. Vuntage Strat (forgeries)

    So this guy who has many vintage Strats and is an avid collector has purchased a FAKE Strat, and it seems they fraudsters are getting meticulously Crafty.
  15. Tee H C

    Heavy Metal Memories...

    Very well Thank you sir. I still Play a little. I was the singer in a band for a little while. Me and an Old friend used to go to a LOT of concerts together, kKnebworth 90, Floyd 4/5 times, Zeppelin, Ten Years After, Wishbone Ash too many to name and we used to always want to be in a Band...
  16. Tee H C

    Heavy Metal Memories...

  17. Tee H C

    Block or bent.

    MOUSE ... Is that You ??????
  18. Tee H C

    So ... I made it into a Band.

    Ignore the singing LOL this was just warming up, so I had the chance to take a lil movie.
  19. Tee H C

    So ... I made it into a Band.

    official video
  20. Tee H C

    So ... I made it into a Band.

    Not a lefty, but was definitely in Brit Floyd. He left Brit Floyd to play for ''Noble Jacks'' and played huge festivals and did full album releases etc. He is a lovely chap and as he has done it all and seen it all. You know living out of a van for weeks. AND doing the big tours, and I think he...
  21. Tee H C

    So ... I made it into a Band.

    Oh yeah LOL that's our bastardized version lol. Well bastardized name for it. But we play it pretty true. Guitarist was formerly from Brit Floyd so he knows his shizzle. The first gig is a friends 50th Birthday Party at his stately Home he owns out in the Country side. Will be a Marquee and...