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  1. LPBlue

    As usual

    Me too and we have the same birthday.
  2. LPBlue

    One word song title transference

    Island Girl~Elton This same thread has over 132k replies over on TDPRI. Get yo work ST.
  3. LPBlue

    RIP Gordon Pinsent

    Canadian acting legend passes @ 92. Godspeed to "The Imp".
  4. LPBlue

    How do you do computer sound?

    My desktop in the LR goes through my main sound system, Arcam7.1 AVR/TOTL Klipsch towers/sub centre and rears. In my bedroom I have a laptop with usb cable into my THR10C which is more than enough loud.
  5. LPBlue

    Do you get visits from the USAF?

    I get infrequent med evac choppers flying over when skiers go dancing with trees.
  6. LPBlue


    I asked a percussionist friend,"how do you tune a conundrum?"
  7. LPBlue

    Any antique computer owners out there?

    I figure my 40+yr old Osbornes are antiques as computers go.
  8. LPBlue

    Any antique computer owners out there?

    ...and she still lives?
  9. LPBlue

    Never make an impact or difference here anymore, or am I crazy?

    Been here a decade and never made my mark...except, #1. No fatter post than mine but it matters not, nor should it. Cracked motor mount was good, as was80 yr olds coming home from school so it may be time to unpack some new LPmentia on the masses...stay tuned.
  10. LPBlue

    Any antique computer owners out there?

    We have not done film since 02 when digital took hold. No more trips to the lab at night with 100+ lbs of film cans but with 2 lbs of mem cards. The old Osbornes were bought new by my dad and I own them now...along with a lot of other stuff.
  11. LPBlue

    What have you bought guitar-related in the past 48 hrs?

    I bought into the dream that I can learn to play again after a massive stroke three years ago that stole my left hand and 60 years of my life.o_O
  12. LPBlue

    Any antique computer owners out there?

    I have all of the processors and associated memory modules from 1980~2016. I also own one each of the Osborne 1 and executive models, the first mass produced portable computers [Clarkson (in the world)]. They work but are dinosaurs, outmoded in the modern world. They hit the market in 81/82...
  13. LPBlue

    Tele Pups

    I have been very content since 94 with old production JOE Barden pickups in both Strat and Tele.:cool:
  14. LPBlue

    RIP Bobby Hull

    Another legend leaves us
  15. LPBlue

    RIP David Crosby Heavy year so far.
  16. LPBlue

    Happy Friday 13th everyone

    We get to do it again in October so have fun both times.
  17. LPBlue

    Keurig K cups, the new printer ink?

    Overpriced coffee makers and coffee prices bringing cafe prices to your home. Food has changed over the decades. Who recalls margarine in a heavy plastic pouch? It was white with an orange pill in the bag and when you kneaded the bag, the margarine turned yellow. You could squeeze it out or...
  18. LPBlue

    Break's Over

    Nothing to do and all day to do it.
  19. LPBlue


    Only a year away. Prep starts May at latest. That is all.
  20. LPBlue

    I'm Right

    No, but three lefts do.
  21. LPBlue

    Kitchen gadgets, when does it get to be too much?

    Rented apartment, not my problem.
  22. LPBlue

    Kitchen gadgets, when does it get to be too much?

    We have a machine for everything in 2022. Our kitchens are full of them, some more than others. My own mess has electric stove/oven with the front burners removed and replaced with a pair of induction burners. Coffee maker x2, a basket filter drip and a Keurig, blender x2 with one exclusively...

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