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    A Visit to Dave's Guitar Shop

    yep, that's one cool place. I was by myself when I went there. so, I was able to take my time and look around. I even met Dave and visited with him for a while. for those that that haven't been there, just their "acoustic" room is larger than some music stores that I've been in. the "electric"...
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    Hi from sunny (today at least!) Scotland!

    welcome to strat-talk. if the Sun is shining, then it must be a very beautiful day in Scotland. are you from the Glasgow area ? I was in Glasgow a long time ago. for more information about your Squiers, you might try Squier-Talk Home. it's a "sister" forum to strat-talk.
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    Electgumbo... What I Do?

    at 62, I wish I could retire. but bills, like a house payment, dictate that I continue to work just a little longer. :grin:
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    Electgumbo... What I Do?

    yeah, my daughter is graduating from high school, also. my wife and her sister are handling the party stuff. :wink: I'm doing my part by working to pay for it. :grin:
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    Electgumbo... What I Do?

    been working a lot. 9 and 10 hour days and Saturdays for a few hours. Sunday truly is my day of rest and recoup. I might have a chance to move back to "dear ol' Luzianne". I'll know more this Fall. :wink:
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    Electgumbo... What I Do?

    ha ha :grin: how ya been ?
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    Electgumbo... What I Do?

    that's some pretty good pickin' ! not bad for an old man like me. ha ha :grin: don't know why, but I was thinking that you were a young guy. :wink: good job !
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    Not so easy on the return to playing

    you're not worth the hassle. and since when did we become "friends" ? post count only shows that you've wasted more time on here than I have.
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    Not so easy on the return to playing

    I could care less about how much snow either of you have gotten for the season. I was only trying to encourage "sevycat" about getting better. but if you prefer to act like "trolls", so be it. I've been a member of this forum for a long time. I was here when it was still struggling to get going...
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    Not so easy on the return to playing

    I wouldn't worry too much. it'll come back. shoveling snow makes you use different muscles. here in Minnesota, we've had over 54 inches of snow so far this season. you'll be fine.
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    Santana Christmas Story

    cool story !!! thanks for posting the link. I had heard about the reunion, but hadn't read anything about it.
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    Stinky Pinky

    hey, that turned out pretty nice. so, this is a local guy near you ? is his business starting to pick up ? if he's near you, he's way off the beaten path for sure. again, great job on the "Stinky Pinky".
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    Hello from the great white north, Mn

    welcome to strat-talk, Jim. make yourself at home. I've to Duluth a time or two.
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    Strings for Semi Hollow Body

    on my '59 Gretsch hollowbody, I use 11's. however, on my Gretsch semi-hollow Jets, I use 10's. as of late, I've found that I like the GHS Boomers for strings.
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    Over 55 Club

    hi there, GH !!! I see that you're over here, too. might as well sign me up for this 55+ club, also. hope that you're feeling better.
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    Opened for BB King last night at the HOB!

    cool !!! not everybody gets to play a gig like that.
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    South Louisiana Musician's Lose Friend

    sorry to hear about your loss. my condolences. I recognized a lot of the last names. I may have known some of his relatives.
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    welcome to strat-talk.
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    obligatory new guy post

    welcome to strat-talk. make yourself at home.
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    Delay pedal

    I went with the Boss DD7. I mainly only use reverb and not any other effects. but I was trying to get into some rockabilly tunes/sounds. so, I got the DD7 at a good price. there are other delays out there and I'm sure they will be mentioned before your thread is over. the best thing to do is go...
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    First strat

    welcome to strat-talk. cool looking strat. oh, and congrats on getting your first strat.
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    Hello from Mississippi

    oh, there's a few more of us on here from your "neck of the woods". :wink: :grin:
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    Hello from Mississippi

    welcome to strat-talk. make yourself at home. being born and raised in Baton Rouge, I've spent a lot of time in Mississippi. most of my family is from Mississippi.
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    welcome Dusty.

    welcome Dusty.
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    greetings from Alabama!

    welcome to strat-talk. make yourself at home.

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