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  1. Chont

    Gratuitous Group Photos - Show'em if You Got'em

    Finally got them all to sit for a photo.
  2. Chont

    Old Hymns…

    well this is now my new favorite song.... will be singing this around the house.
  3. Chont

    Mood for a Day

    Fantastic job! One of all time my favorites. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Chont

    What the heck is this insect bite?

    Upper Lip Slick and Hip... pointy at the end
  5. Chont

    What the heck is this insect bite?

    Oh boy... I guess I need another cup of coffee...
  6. Chont

    What the heck is this insect bite?

    I don't think I'd trust a doctor that gave you cream for a possible Tick bite with a bullseye. You need the immediate regimen of Doxy. My wife got misdiagnosed and now has Lyme for life. I tested positive for it as well. I have regular fatigue and brain fog but not nearly as bad as my wife...
  7. Chont

    Hearing Yourself Sing

    I am horrible at that. There’s a couple of tunes I could pull off that I can think of but my brain typically can’t separate the two worlds and have a them work independently in sync. I don’t know how drummers do it.
  8. Chont

    Hearing Yourself Sing

    transposing would be a good idea. The only rub it’s a Goo Goo Dolls song with a pesky oddball open C tuning. I thought about pitching down the guitars in Protools and laying it down then pitching up the vocal track but I really want to do this without cheating. I think the lessons and practice...
  9. Chont

    Hearing Yourself Sing

    When I found out I had to sing a solo song in the Musical I was in I took lessons to coach me through it. It made a huge difference and luckily that song was in my range. I'd like to avoid using some type auto tune to help out with the tough notes but it may be unavoidable. I'm going to...
  10. Chont

    Happy Memorial Day

    Yes. Thank you to all who served and who have sacrificed. Many of my relatives growing up had fortunately come home from WWII, Korea, Vietnam and had stories to tell. Only one that I know about who was in the Royal Airforce and shot down by the Luftwaffe.
  11. Chont

    Hearing Yourself Sing

    I'm definitely no singer... I can get through stuff If I have to but cringe at hearing my own voice. I'm currently working on re recording a song Mrs. C and I both like for fun and I finally got the guitars laid down in a shape I can tolerate so It's getting to the dreaded point in the process...
  12. Chont

    Went to my first MLB game in 18 years

    Nice... damn now that I think about it... I don't think i've been to a game since the Met game I went to in 86. I may have gone to a Tampa Bay Devil Rays game in the 90s but not sure ... must not have made an impression.
  13. Chont

    This guy is full of

    Not a huge RHCP fan but I love John Frusciante as a player. Strictly Platonic though.
  14. Chont


    I’m the same way and I agree. Which is why I was very reluctant to get the pod go. But it’s stupid easy for me. I have a couple of small tube amps when I want but having the Pod Go is really handy too.
  15. Chont


    You’re not alone LOL
  16. Chont


    I like pedals... if I don't want to hear them in my signal I turn them off. to each his own. I also have a Line 6 Pod Go. For jamming at 6am while working from home its pretty awesome.
  17. Chont

    Better Call Saul opening lick.

    “Let’s talk Turkey” Nicely done
  18. Chont

    One-liners in lyrics

    Set the Gearshift for the high gear of your soul Can't this wait til I'm old can I live while I'm young.
  19. Chont

    Open Improv Invite #88 - Dreamy Melodic Rock Backing Track in B Minor

    Damn ... I try not to listen entries before I attempt it so I don't subconsciously copy bits. I almost didn't bother posting mine after hearing these LOL Here's my crack at it. I was happy with my tone while laying it down but after exporting, I wished I had cut the top end a bit but its not...
  20. Chont

    Open Improv Invite #88 - Dreamy Melodic Rock Backing Track in B Minor

    I will be late to the party with this one between birthdays, communions and mothers days but will get in it. Thanks for posting
  21. Chont

    What are you listening to right now?

    The Beatles on Spotify. Love me Do is on at the moment
  22. Chont

    Worst amusement park experience

    The storm runner is fast too. Said goodbye to my family. Went right on the path to get on line and came around the bushes on the left to rejoin them LOL. Mrs. Thought I chickened out or travelled through time. We live nearby so to every year. I won’t ever go on that wild mouse ride again. My...
  23. Chont

    Worst amusement park experience

    Losing my kid for about 5 minutes at Disney Hollywood studios. We were on line for pics with Chewbacca with the family and my wife told me to go take them to a ride with the fast pass while she waited with the little ones because it was a long line. We were exiting the area which had actual...
  24. Chont

    abnormaltoy's NGD

    Oh man.... I don't know what is more amazing... your new guitar or your friend... What a great friendship you must have. Enjoy that new guitar. Its beautiful.
  25. Chont

    Ever met a famous person before?

    The first audio post job I had in NYC I was covering the phones so the receptionist could take a break. In walks Sigourney Weaver for her ADR session. I welcomed her and introduced myself. She introduced herself. "Nice to meet you , I'm Sigourney". The Hi I'm Sigourney was sort of funny to...

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