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  1. Alex_C

    Nut Shifted Toward Low E String

    If it doesn't bother you, leave it. If it bothers you and you know a good tech, have them replace the nut. If you are a DIY type of person, mask the neck wood and file down the part that is stiking out.
  2. Alex_C

    Tight and lose

    9's on my 'standard' guitars, headless get 10's.
  3. Alex_C

    How important is the body of a Strat in the production of sound?

    Body wood may or may not make a sonic difference. I believe each component is part of the guitar's sound. Hardware is the largest contributer, wood much less so. This is my opinion.
  4. Alex_C

    My volume dilemma.

    Low efficency speaker will also help, Jensen Mod is 94db and they sound really good.
  5. Alex_C

    My volume dilemma.

    Attenuator? They start ~$100 and go up from there.
  6. Alex_C

    I have a really good amp…

    I also have a really nice amp and it pairs really well with a JHS @.
  7. Alex_C


    Mayones are quality instruments. I'd say equal to Suhr and Kiesel in materials and workmanship If you like the look and specs, why not?!
  8. Alex_C

    Heaven or Hell?

    An air guitar!
  9. Alex_C

    New Member From NC

  10. Alex_C

    Help on my next purchase

    No pictures? Purchasing it sight unseen? I'd say no.
  11. Alex_C

    Very Disappointed

    Welcome to the forum. I understand your disappointment. As mentioned by many, you can move the neck.
  12. Alex_C

    I’ve never seen a better player than Tommy Baldwin

    Excellent player and his feel is great. So many young players out there playing with speed and feel. Good stuff. Matteo Mancuso is another fantastic player, mind blowing chops and advanced techniques. Inspirational players, for sure!
  13. Alex_C

    Anyone play more "structured" songs in bands/jam groups?

    This is something I dream of!
  14. Alex_C

    Anyone play more "structured" songs in bands/jam groups?

    I have always preferred more complex music. I write some weird stuff, but it is challenging for all involved! ;)
  15. Alex_C

    Tim Shaw says tonewoods make a difference

    Sum of all parts.
  16. Alex_C


    Injinji's? They are well revered by long distance runners. The blistering is reduced because each toe has protection. My wife uses them when distances go over 13 miles.
  17. Alex_C

    Body and Neck Wood Types!

    Everyone has their preferences. I prefer ebony boards. I like tung oil necks either maple or walnut.
  18. Alex_C

    NDD incoming! Name?

    Sammi FTW!
  19. Alex_C

    26 Years Married today.

  20. Alex_C

    I know nothing about clean tone

    I'd suggest changing the amp sim from acoustic to black face. The sound will be less shrill. A compressor into a delay and a touch of reverb will give you a nice sound and feel. Play with the guitar volume and tone knobs for extra tones.
  21. Alex_C

    An Orangutan At The Louisville Zoo Recently Asked For A Close-up Look At A Young Visitor.

    Need is the operative word in my post. Killing for pleasure is not my thing.
  22. Alex_C

    An Orangutan At The Louisville Zoo Recently Asked For A Close-up Look At A Young Visitor.

    One of the many reasons I choose not to eat animals or support any zoo. Animals have personalities and intelligence. In this day and age, we do not need to kill, imprison and/or eat them.
  23. Alex_C

    This guy is full of

    I'm not a fan of any of the players that this is about, but that doesn't make me want to denigrate their playing. It's art, opinion only matters to the individual. Hawkin's opinion only matters to him and his sheeple. 'Click Bait' is friggin' annoying.
  24. Alex_C

    Any Recommendations for a 'Bedroom' Amp for Tight High Gain

    Laney Foundry 60w pedal/amp is in the running.
  25. Alex_C

    Any Recommendations for a 'Bedroom' Amp for Tight High Gain

    I have a modeller, it can get a really good tight high gain sound. I also have a Laney L5S. It sounds phenomenal for clean to heavy rock. Those bases are covered. What I want is a low power amp for tight high gain metal. I have a 1x12 loaded with a Celestion Seventy 80, so a head would be...