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  1. dudafun


    Crank it up ! I have one, too !
  2. dudafun

    I know nothing about clean tone

    Volume less than full on guitar...
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    That 70's head...

    Big head responds best with volume knobs above "7"...let's you find that missing sustain usually stuck in the "fat"...
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    Should i use fretboard oil on dry fretboard 2 days after applying lemon oil, because of a dry fretboard on my Strat Player Plus HSS

    Me either! I do wipe and clean the fretboard when I see "fingerprints" where my fingers have rubbed the wood clean making the dirt on the fingerboard more noticeable. You can tell a rhythm guitarist from a lead player by the fingerprints. I have an old guitar or two that show exactly where...
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    problem with tremolo arm on stratocaster

    Graphite in the slots of the nut and bridge...even a pencil lead will work 👌
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    Hello from DERBYSHIRE UK

    Hello, and thank you for your introduction. I am 71 and still play 100+ gigs a can, too ! Twang !
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    No more Fender guitars for me.

    Don't let one "bad apple" spoil your love for American Fender guitars...when the apple is "bad" enough so you won't bite into it, make wine...or pie...Twang!
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    Perfect Amp That Can Do Everything Perfectly

    Fender Mustang Ill - perfect if you have the amp volume up and guitar volume less than full.
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    Value of dad's 1963 Strat?

    Pictures please
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    Second Strat or a Tele?

    Player Plus Nashville Telecaster - tone selection is awesome
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    Mustang Amps

    I have a 100 watt Fender Mustang III...great amp ...choose from many settings of model sound...built-in echo, reverb, vibrato...I find #87 best for blues/rock/country with clean sound if you play easy and a little distortion if you "whip it good, real good"...TWANG!!
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    Fender MIJ/Warmoth Strat

    Love the fat head Love the large head !
  13. dudafun

    Brand new American Strat, volume not working

    Clean the volume with electronic cleaner spray. You might find taking it apart was unnecessary. Then, whip it, whip it good !
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    NGD - 74' Mocha Stratocaster

    Mocha Strats pictued in this thread are fine instruments. They sizzle through a 100 Watt rig. My first experience came from a Musicman 410 when overtones and harmonics were sustained with control. Whip it good !!
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    Show us what you're playin' today

    This baby has a wonderful variety of tones !
  16. dudafun

    Fender champion 100 amp for strat

    I would try setting your bass, mid and treble with the amp volume at 5 and your guitar volume less than half and tone controls all clockwise as a starting point. Adjust the middle tone on the amp to less than full and hear what happens from there. Twang !
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    Strat vs Tele Good article 👍
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    How’s your string supply?

    There's a difference between hex core and round core, solid nickle, tension differences depending on neck length and more...the best strings for me Made by guitar players in Nashville, Tennessee. Handmade sets, custom gauges, too. There  is a difference in feel, sustain...
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    Jeff Beck Tribute From The Cat & I

    Here's mine...
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    1965 Fender Stratocaster AMAZING Sounds !

    Here's mine... And a tribute to Jeff Beck
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    RIP Jeff Beck

    Good lesson! I had a college anthropology professor call role, then stated "there are enough nuclear weapons to destroy the earth 13 times" and left the classroom. Here's my tribute to Jeff Beck:
  22. dudafun

    RIP Jeff Beck

    Here's my tribute:
  23. dudafun

    RIP Jeff Beck

    He was a big influence on my guitar playing. Here's my tribute: