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  1. 07 road house

    Is MIA really worth it compared to MIM?

    My mia is better than any mim I've ever owned.
  2. 07 road house

    Fret markers on edge are pushed down.

    I picked up an 87 made in Japan hardtail strat and the fret markers are below the surface by about an 1/8 of inch. Any ideas on how to get them back up? Or would you just put new ones on top? Any idea where you get them?
  3. 07 road house

    Would you accept this nut on a new MIA strat?

    Trade it for an SG ? That is a silly thing to do. If you like overpriced guitars get a les Paul standard. lol
  4. 07 road house

    Please help me decide

    Gilmour is better than the edge so there is that.
  5. 07 road house

    Strat vs Les Paul?

    Imo strats win regardless of country. I have a lp but my strats are my favorites
  6. 07 road house

    Is this ethical?

    Serial number nope, just buy a fender neck like the one your replacing and play the damn thing
  7. 07 road house

    How long have you been here?

    I have been a member since 09 and have not posted much since maybe 2013 or so. I'm interested in getting back to it. I'm sure most of the folks are different now. I no longer have an 07 roadhouse. Haha
  8. 07 road house

    Are you crazy to buy a used Strat?

    I buy used guitars but not fakes.
  9. 07 road house

    Best amp you use with your strats

    I've heard good things about these fo sho
  10. 07 road house

    NGD American professional strat

    This is the USA professional that was a fsr before the American professional series. Confused? Yeah me too.
  11. 07 road house

    Best amp you use with your strats

    I have heard the katana is similar but way cheaper
  12. 07 road house

    Would you buy a used amp?

    I buy used everything
  13. 07 road house

    Best amp you use with your strats

    Mine would be my blues cube. Possibly the best amp ever imo also another chance to post my new strat. Lol
  14. 07 road house

    NGD American professional strat

    Exactly. Any idea what these pickups are?
  15. 07 road house

    NGD American professional strat

    Yes. The professional before the current professionals. It is transparent red
  16. 07 road house

    Body Verification, please!

    Cool idea. I have always thought of buying a lefty guitar and changing the nut and stringing it for a righty. I could do my own version of a jimi tribute
  17. 07 road house

    NGD American professional strat

    I know a bunch of people don't like the look of the zebra humbucker, it does not bother me. I have a sss already and this one came up at guitar center used for 624.99. I could not pass it up. The alnico single coils sound decent. The humbucker matches them well. With the s1 engaged in position 2...
  18. 07 road house

    problem with selector switch "knob"

    Small piece of masking tape in switch end then press knob on.
  19. 07 road house

    Finally an Affordable SRV Strat!

    Headstock looks janky
  20. 07 road house

    Am I missing something here?

    No idea what that means. Only politically incorrect things come to mind
  21. 07 road house

    Relic understanding?

    I used to hate relics. I now only dislike them. Haha
  22. 07 road house

    Roland Blues Cube Stage

    It will work great. It has .5 watt, 15 watt, 40 watt and 60 watt settings. Imo the .5 watt setting is a waste but the others are nice. For me the max setting is the best. I like my amp loud with punch.