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  1. Lonn

    Epiphone Bully project

    This popped up on my local Facebook marketplace about an hour ago for $40 and I jumped. Picking it up in the morning. I don’t generally buy cheap guitars like this, but I’ve had a very interesting set of Lace Dually pickups for about a year now and have never done anything with them so I think...
  2. Lonn

    A Man Named Otto

    I didn't like that the previews made it seem like a cute comedy about a grumpy old guy, when it was anything but.
  3. Lonn

    Home made trem block

  4. Lonn

    Korean made Tie-dye Stratocasters.

    I've owned a few of these and I'll say right now they're my least favorite Fender models ever. The necks have all been uncomfortable with terrible fretwork and the pickups stink. And I love Fender pickups! There's one near me for $350 I think.
  5. Lonn

    Did Strat plus deluxe's come with this type of bridge?

    Yes. I had that exact model/color. Original bridge.
  6. Lonn

    Are Squier SEs going up in value?

    Not around here. I see them all the time for $100-150. Most people haven't a clue what model they are.
  7. Lonn

    NGD CME Exclusive American Ultra

    Very nice. I played an Ultra Luxe 2 weeks ago when I had money and found the neck on the thin side for my taste. Saweet guitar though.
  8. Lonn

    New Ibanez Day

    Looks like a screamer.
  9. Lonn

    Anyone ever do a Viking European River cruise?

    Disability pay is non taxable. The lawyer did get 20%, they actually owed me a little over $71k. This is not investment money. 90% sure it will go towards a flat in Bulgaria or pay off all our credit cards and then the rest towards a flat. Not ruling anything out though.
  10. Lonn

    80’s MIJ strat

    I have never seen one with that line before.
  11. Lonn

    Anyone ever do a Viking European River cruise?

    All good information, thanks! And if I do something like this, I’m looking to be lazy and take the easiest way possible. I’ve been on plenty of vacations where I did a lot of the legwork myself, and it just takes a little bit of the shine off if you know what I mean.
  12. Lonn

    Anyone ever do a Viking European River cruise?

    Having $56,000 drop out of the sky is probably going to be a once in a lifetime thing so I just wanna make sure we spend it wisely.
  13. Lonn

    Anyone ever do a Viking European River cruise?

    I've wanted to do one of these as long as I can remember, but they're not cheap at all. I spent 10 years in Europe and love the continent. I've been to many of the places the cruises visit but still, they look so luxurious and I love to travel more than anything. My wife likes the looks of...
  14. Lonn

    Grrrr... Reverb Sellers

    My local Music Go Round falls into this category. ZERO flexibility on outrageously high prices, and DO NOT TOUCH signs on every guitar. Even the less expensive stuff they want to take off the wall and hand to you after you've removed half your clothing as to not scratch the guitar. Very...
  15. Lonn

    Replacement neck for Fender Srat Highway One

    You can get great necks off ebay and other places for far less than $500.
  16. Lonn

    Non-guitar related car talk

    I love big American station wagons. Always have. My Mom had a 69 Pontiac Catalina wagon in the mid 70s. Like this but silver.
  17. Lonn

    What have you bought guitar-related in the past 48 hrs?

    Ferrules for my new Tele. It's missing one.
  18. Lonn

    Custom Guitar Wacky Purple Sparkle

    I'm a fan. My number 1 on the right.
  19. Lonn

    NGD: Nash S63 .... WOW!!

    Damn. If it plays half as good as it looks it's a winner.
  20. Lonn

    07 MIM Nashville Tele

    Picked this up tonight for $270. It’s plenty dinged up and needs a ferrule and switch knob, otherwise 100% functional.
  21. Lonn

    Fender Strat MIM Squier Series?

    There must be 100 threads on these.
  22. Lonn

    Anyone have an AV56 Strat?

    Already forgot about it lol and spent the money on something else.
  23. Lonn

    My weight today was revolutionary

    177.6. Get it? Huh? Get it? Slow day in Lon land. Back to whatever you were doing. I’m going out for Mexican food.
  24. Lonn

    65 Mustang body thickness?

    Thanks. The seller got back to me. I had already decided against it because of the also thin neck.
  25. Lonn

    Anyone have an AV56 Strat?

    Yeah, I told them what’s wrong but they’re sticking to the $1300 price.