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  1. Namelyguitar

    My 2:30

    I waited a couple of months one time, and you should have seen the look on my wife's face when the Dentist told her that I had been in a whole lotta pain. "Always a strummer - never a complainer." 😆
  2. Namelyguitar

    setting up a fuzz pedal

    There's some fun (to watch) YouTube vids about Fuzz pedals. Take a photo of factory settings - dip switches before changing them? You might be glad you did.
  3. Namelyguitar

    Comparing two strats (pickup content)

    The pickups reading on that meter may be accurate for comparison with mine or the next person, although the higher temperature of the pickup, the higher Ohm output will be. A direct comparison of two guitars in the same room (same meter) would be apples to apples. If I take a guitar outside my...
  4. Namelyguitar

    Show off your stool

    Here's the first, and it's super sturdy! This green Ibanez looks dark, here.
  5. Namelyguitar

    Hearing Yourself Sing

    After much voice training over the years, it seemed like every roller wanted me join their church choir. Uh, I just want to sing rock cover songs, not join a choir. :oops:
  6. Namelyguitar

    Yet another Show Your Pedalboard thread

    I've got to photo the updated electric bass (Pedaltrain Nano+), and guitar (Mr. Power 14x10") boards.
  7. Namelyguitar

    My current "bedroom" rig. It's loud.

    Great thread, and reminds me that I need a cover for my 1x12 cab.
  8. Namelyguitar

    Antstrat doesn't need more guitars petition.....

    Yep, to each his own 'number' of guitars and may each person smile no matter what is on the headstock label.
  9. Namelyguitar

    It's amazing Fender can even sell guitars anymore.....

    Hold the landline, we had a request line and they were sometimes a dedicated request line- depending on the station, and the good jocks would very often play the non-hit song requested. That is one way songs got attention the first week after release (teenage girls played a part in this). I...
  10. Namelyguitar

    It's amazing Fender can even sell guitars anymore.....

    And, to top that off, commercial radio seems to use the same guitar songs/ playlist day after day. Example: Led Zeppelin had 16 singles that became #1 hits. You think you're going to hear any OTHER song by them (than those) on the radio? There are dozen of good ones. Pete and repeat. Wear me...
  11. Namelyguitar

    Tell me I did the right thing.

    Texas Tea, that's it! Enjoy your new build and those pedals, too!
  12. Namelyguitar

    Epiphone ES-335 - Another One Added to the Stable

    Yes, what a great finish, too! I can attest to the worthiness of those pickups.
  13. Namelyguitar

    Storage Unit Find?

    First sign of indifference to guitar collection- move them to a storage unit that is preferably close to freezing in winter, and near 90F in summer.
  14. Namelyguitar

    I got married today!

    You did? 😊 Man, I'm happy for the two of you! Coupling, coupled, joined at the hip, two peas in a pod, great news!!!
  15. Namelyguitar

    Glory to Jesus there is Lay away

    Congrats, love that Stratocaster! That art is crazy good!
  16. Namelyguitar

    So what's on your workbench now.

    Next project is on hold for a bit. The parts are ready for a bridge pot swap for the Epiphone SG - 1966 G400 Pro (2013 model). The replacement pots are dated, and the neck pot replacement literally took about 25 steps. (Desolder, yada yada.)
  17. Namelyguitar

    abnormaltoy's NGD

    Happy ENGD- early new guitar day! :thumb: Wow Gold, yeah!!!!
  18. Namelyguitar

    A Goodbye from CigBurn

    Jenny, thank you for sharing this with us. Your efforts are very much appreciated. Thank you. Please let him know that he's in our thoughts.
  19. Namelyguitar


    Cool. I like playing against humans. Some play on software with no human interaction. They can say, " I beat a machine," or suffer the alternative. :)
  20. Namelyguitar

    The Telecaster is the best pound for pound electric guitar.

    Err, the Nashville Telecaster model is what you seek. The FR is a not a good fit, and takes away from the design as intended.
  21. Namelyguitar

    What do you guys do for a living?

    Retired ATP (professional pilot)
  22. Namelyguitar

    The Telecaster is the best pound for pound electric guitar.

    The OP deserves many likes, that's post #1 or any that followed by OP. Oh, yeah! Give us a moment of peace, and if you don't llike Telecasters, allow the rest of us to relish in this thread. ;) 2000 Standard Telecaster (Arctic White)
  23. Namelyguitar

    Good Film

    Good F̶i̶l̶m̶ Movie!
  24. Namelyguitar

    add a question

    Could you pass the driver's test on the road with the evaluator and his clipboard? What's a turn signal? :rolleyes: Hint: -Don't drive over the speed limit. -Use your turn signal more than 2 seconds before turning. -Make a complete stop. -Left lane is for actually passing, not impeding...