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    Dimarzio SD humbucker install in HSS Strat?

    Thank you all for the help, i can say she is done and ready to slay. I must say i love the Dimarzio SD over the stock so much better. The chords just feel much more chunky and the leads have nice and thick tone. The voice of this pickup is really nice and sits nice in the strat. I had it in my...
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    Dimarzio SD humbucker install in HSS Strat?

    Thank you, this link is very helpful to make sense of colors for different Manufacturers.
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    Dimarzio SD humbucker install in HSS Strat?

    Hello friends, I have a stock American Series HSS strat with the S1 switch. I am in the process of replacing the Fender stock humbucker in the bridge with Dimarzio Super Distortion pickup. I am not exactly sure which wires need to go where for Super Distortion pickups. Dimarzio SD has five...
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    Now I'm done with Marshall :(

    I have only had one Marshall, which i still own, JCM2000 DSL50 head. I giged with it for two years and i never had any issues with it. That said, recently i discovered that its got running bias and i am unable to keep the amp from running hot. This is a known issue with this amp and fix is to...
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    Floating tremolo and setting up action

    Thanks guys, i guess back to step 1. and set it up the way it was before change, with dacked bridge. step 2 start setting up floating tremolo process. I
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    Floating tremolo and setting up action

    Hello everybody, I got my self in a lil bit of trouble yesterday. I have an American Standard Strat that i got in 2005. Love this strat. I have always dacked my bridge on my strat. That said i wanted to set up a floating tremolo on it. So yesterday i got my tools out and got it all set up, to...
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    Need help on find out spec info for my American Strat

    I know guitar is genuine i just wanted to find more information for it. I will reach out to fender thank you for sharing their email.
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    Need help on find out spec info for my American Strat

    Hi guys and gals, I purchased my strat around 2005 or so. Its American Series HSS strat. I was wondering if anyone could help me find out the spec information of this guitar? I trying to understand neck profile, radius, pickups in the guitar etc. The guitar serial number is Z4216066 I was...
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    Pick one marshall for your strat!

    Thanks guys, lots of great suggestions here...i will definitly give some of these non Marshall amp a try...but today i have been reading on the Vintage Modern head, from what i understand its a hot roded JTM45, its got nice amount of goin and i guess it works well with strats. Ill be stoping by...
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    Pick one marshall for your strat!

    Sorry guys for not being more clear in my OP. 1. My band covers Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Cream, Led Zeppelin, EVH, STP, AIC, Sublime etc. So its a mix of classic rock with 90's music. 2. The amp has to have gain, i am not a fan of buying a head and sticking distortion pedal in front of it...
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    NAD!!! and what a deal!!!

    HNAD! Loos great, get them blues licks out now! :0
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    Some questions about tubeys

    I think pre amp tubes are your tickes to lessen gain. They definitly impact your tone, google some tube online sites and check out the options that they have for your. I remeber when i was buying pre amp tubes for my amp, having the option to get ones with more gain etc.
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    Pick one marshall for your strat!

    Sup guys, If you were playing gigs every week and you needed a Marshall amp to cover your rock/blues to hard rock, what would it be? I am playing through Marshall JCM2000 DSL right now and i like the cleans on it but dirty channel is not what i am looking for. I am thinking of trying...
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    New from Chicago

    Welcome sonicblue!
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    Guitar Hero Like it or Hate it?

    If GH brings people to play real guitar i am all for it. But on its own i think its a huge waste of time. I think of it like this playing that game for few hours a day to beat a level or whatever, i rather spend that time practicing on real guitar. I get more enjoyment out of it then practicing...
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    What would you do?

    Thx man, i think i am going to try the CS 69 pickups and see how that works out. :)
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    What would you do?

    Hello guys, I am new to the forum, you guys have a cool thing going on here. :) So, onto my question, i have a 2005 American Series HSS strat. I was playing with it on Sat with my band and i really liked the way it sounded, i wish it stayed in tune a little better but over all i was...
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    Hello from Windy City

    Sup guys, Found this great community few days ago and decided to register today. Looking forward to meet you all and have great discussions. Little be about my self, i started playing about 10 years ago. I am happy to say that my first guitar i bought and learned the first five chords was...

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