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  1. TheMadStratter

    John Paul Jones !

    Page once said he was lucky to have a musician of JPJs stature at the formation of LZ. JPJ was a very highly regarded studio musician & he was giving it all up for an unknown entity.
  2. TheMadStratter

    RWRP middle pickup

    What SF said. I find that a RWRP middle does make the in between positions a tad darker.
  3. TheMadStratter

    Best Mexican strat?

    The RW, JV & RC Strats would be my choices.
  4. TheMadStratter

    Was Lars right?

    I happen to think Lars was right. No one has the " right " to steal your property, intellectual or otherwise. Don't blame him a damn bit for protecting what is his.
  5. TheMadStratter

    Oh Strat-Talk, speak to me of the Peavey Bandit 112

    Give a an older Peavey over any modeling amp & even most RIs. A good sound & virtually bulletproof.
  6. TheMadStratter

    If I ran a Guitar Center store...

    My local GC does a massive amount of business without going the extra mile.
  7. TheMadStratter

    RIP Louie Anderson

    Great comedian & talent. R.I.P. :(
  8. TheMadStratter

    Jimi Hendrix Biopic?

    Lawrence Fishburne for years wanted to play JH. Actually fought to do so. Dammed shame he couldn't do so. :(
  9. TheMadStratter

    Jimi Hendrix Biopic?

    There was that Godawful one where the estate refused to allow JHs music to be played. Ugh!
  10. TheMadStratter

    Norah Jones -Don’t Know Why guitar cover

    I miss her old band with Adam Levy. Great guitarist. :)
  11. TheMadStratter


    Perfect example of what happens when a great musician succumbs to RnR excess. :(
  12. TheMadStratter

    Can we handle a Foo Fighters horror movie?

    Are they making another album??? :whistling:
  13. TheMadStratter

    Ronnie Spector: R.I.P.

    The lead singer of the Ronnettes has passed. Be My Lil Baby... R.I.P. :(
  14. TheMadStratter

    John Mayer demo's the PRS SE Silver Sky!

    Speaking of the softer side of JM... :rolleyes:
  15. TheMadStratter

    John Mayer demo's the PRS SE Silver Sky!

    Like JM is gonna actually play an import... :whistling:
  16. TheMadStratter


    I never was a huge fan of the SG look, but I recently bought this... ...a 2019 Gibson Jr. Took me a lil bit to get used to the shape, but it plays great.
  17. TheMadStratter

    1953 Goldtop Les Paul w/ P90s

    Her happiness is just infectious. The story of how she scrimped & saved for that LP & literally ran to buy it is just priceless. I'm sure a lot of us has been there. :)
  18. TheMadStratter

    Michael Lang Dies @77

    Responsible for both Woodstock & Altamont. R.I.P. :(
  19. TheMadStratter

    The Strat and it’s unusual shaped headstock

    A local guitarist gigged with a The Strat for years. His was blue. An iconic pic if there ever was one... :)
  20. TheMadStratter

    Tone cap question

    I like. 05 for Fenders. Caps are cheap. Buy a few of different values & experiment.
  21. TheMadStratter

    TDPRI is getting upgraded

    Yeah, it's the age of Pericles on this forum... :rolleyes:
  22. TheMadStratter

    The new SE Silver Sky!!

    A Strat with that Godawful headstock & birds??? :eek: No thanks, I'll pass... :thumbd:
  23. TheMadStratter

    The new SE Silver Sky!!

    $800??? Dream on... :whistling:
  24. TheMadStratter

    Favorite Star Trek episode

    I seem to remember that Ms. Barrett didn't poll very well amongst women. They weren't used to seeing a woman in a command position.
  25. TheMadStratter

    Favorite Star Trek episode

    I wish they woulda kept Capt. Pike, as opposed to the overactor Bill Shatner.