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  1. J

    NGD Affinity strat and questions

    Picked this beauty up in a trade a couple weeks ago. It has a 3 ply 11 hole pick guard and HSS configuration. She plays nice and is set up decently. Changing strings today and I thought I would look under the hood. I don’t recognize these pups at all. Any ideas from our esteemed peanut gallery?
  2. J

    Ray Thomas, Moody Blues has passed...

    Such a loss...I was fortunate to see the Moody Blues a few times..
  3. J

    Interesting Strat 3 SD Buckers, on Ebay

    Just checking out Ebay, and this caught my eye. Not a bad price, if one is looking for a triple SD Humbucker strat. I wonder what sounds you get from this configuration.
  4. J

    CL Relic'd MIM Strat..

    I happen to like the roadworn series...I have one. So I am not a relic basher. But...this is insane. I cannot even fathom what he was thinking. And, he never thought he would part ways with this beauty. Thoughts?
  5. J

    GC 15% off coupon

    I just got this in my email. If someone is looking, here is 15% off. Cheers :) 15% Off your entire qualifying purchase of $199 or more with your unique coupon code t602fq0x9v4vm Shop Now for qualifying products Maximum discount $500. Valid thru 11/12/17. While store inventory may vary...
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    Craigs List...It's still a MIM and you want $1,000???

    Perusing CL, and came upon this...MIM Plus Top (I think) Upgraded tuners and SCN Pups...Not sure it brings the value to $1050. Could pick up a used Am Deluxe for that.....Best of luck to him/her though...
  7. J

    Christmas swap -polyanna

    Is it on for this year? I want in!!
  8. J

    Amigone Funeral Home..Pun, or real?

    Can't make this stuff up....Am I gone Funeral Home???? Google it. It's real and in my old stomping grounds..Buffalo NY. And I would say..Yes, you are gone, jigs up.
  9. J

    Craigslist again..$1200 Squier????

    I realize it has some customization, but come on...the under-pinning is STILL a Squier!
  10. J

    Craigslist...Backplate on upside down...LOL

    I just found this kind of funny. Good price, and nice looking strat though!
  11. J

    Steve Winwood, under-rated?

    He plays the strat as well as some of the others! Just my opinion. Your thoughts?
  12. J

    CraigsList Chuckle...Has some dings... Looks more like a chunk of wood out of it!! And check out the ferrules!!!
  13. J

    Strat Talk Veterans

    Bless those of us, and all their families, who have served our country. I was fortunate to have served in a relatively peaceful time. I am in awe of ALL the vets who have faced peril, and stood up for this great country. We ALL owe a debt of gratitude to these men and women! Again, thank-you...
  14. J

    David Byrne, Talking Heads Red Strat...

    I admit he isn't "tearing it up"...But it is a great strat sound and eclectic video...
  15. J

    Delusional Ebay roadworn strat..

    Full disclosure-I am a fan of relics, I have a a 2010 Oly White RW with texas specials. But this is hideous and absurd. Clearly has the "Fender" verbiage, copied and...
  16. J

    Fake YM on CL..

    Can't believe this is in my backyard (sort of) I'm 100 miles from Richmond! The back plate screws are not offset, tuners are way wrong, no bullet truss.... Just hope someone doesn't get duped!
  17. J

    Something off on this Strat on CL

    Title says 2007 scalloped neck...12th fret markers are too wide, tuners look like the japan model with exposed screw...Though the neck looks decent. I think the ad is misleading, and at best, it is a partscaster. Notice the Fender sticker that appears to be attached to neck?? Also, neck plate...
  18. J

    Some strat love for the Outlaws..

    I always "heard" Les Pauls.....I think I was wrong....
  19. J

    Craigs List Horrible relic

    Is it me, or are people getting a little overboard on relics? I happen to like relics, and I have a roadworn, but it is subtle. This is pathetic, and a waste of an EJ strat. Read on for the rest of this mess..
  20. J

    CL Funny....Selling music gear to pursue accounting..

    I just had to chuckle when he posting his accounting degree...with his gear for sale, I can only assume it wasn't a difficult choice for him...LOL
  21. J

    "Fanned" frets, Custom Tele on CL..Thoughts?

    After a better look at this..It's an abomination! Look at the ferrule holes on the back, and the bridge!!
  22. J

    "Gibson" Maestro CL only $450....Delusional...

    I can only assume ignorance....
  23. J

    Another BOTCHED relic.....

    Ugly doesn't begin to describe this eyesore.....Someone will buy it, I'm sure. I wouldn't, even for half of what he's asking. Check this one out....."you will get all the ladies
  24. J

    The Record Company- Lotta music from just three..

    Happen to hear these guys on satellite radio.....At first, wasn't my cup of tea, but the bluesy aspect grabbed me... Happy Thanksgiving to ALL :)
  25. J

    PSA Classic Player Strat HH Adorama for 499..

    Here is the link to Adorama. Not exactly my cup of tea, but someone may dig it!! Nice looking, but the buckers aren't for me...I also think you may get a mail in rebate of $50, on top of 499 price...