1. WayneReed

    Extra knob on the back of Deluxe reverb RI

    EDITED . . . Thank you, Guy. That was the exact info I needed! Also, I played with it today. And there absolutely is a difference with the knob at zero vs. 10. The highs are much cleared using the knob. Thanks!!! I got a mint Fender amp as part of a trade recently. Love the amp! I was told it...
  2. SilvaStrat

    Changing speaker on the deluxe reverb already

    I bought a DRRI a a fill days ago , as I mentioned in other tread , and I loved , but I think I can make it even better for low volume , I am going to install a celestion blue on it , knowing that the amp is 22 watt and the ratting is 15watt for the celestion blue , I intend to use the DRRI only...
  3. italobrito

    Can you please, PLEASE, help me figure out my the reverb on my DRRI is so noisy?

    Hey guys, how are you doing? So, can anyone experienced with electronics and most especially Fender amps help me out on figuring out why the reverb on my DRRI is noisy? I initially thought it must have been the tubes but today I finally replaced V3 and V4 (the tubes related to the reverb) and...
  4. GuitarMechanic

    Unscientific with 6L6s

    So I have a 68 CDR and it does sound really good but I just thought "so how about a touch more clean headroom? like a Twin or something Viola, I will put 6L6 tubes in" so after a head numbing amount of research online I really wasn't any closer to the reality so I popped some in there and biased...
  5. hand amputation

    Extension Cab for DRRI?

    I recently bought a '65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue amp and have been enjoying it immensely. I looked on the back of the amp and I noticed that there's an 'external speaker' jack, and I wondered... Does Fender offer a 1x12 external cab that goes with the DRRI? Is that even a possibility? In...