1. tejavascript

    Is it possible to replace only pickuard with a different fender strat standard in emg dg20 pickuard set?

    Is it possible to replace only pickuard with a different fender strat standard in emg dg20 pickuard set? The hardware of the dg20 is attractive, but I want to use the pickguard that I used. Let me know if you've ever replaced it.
  2. sam_in_cali

    NPD - EMG 81/85 (Zakk Wylde set)

    Just bored and looking for a change so I swapped out the DiMarzio Super Distortion and PAF in my Gibby (nothing against the Super Distortion--great pickup but I have that in another guitar too). I got lucky that there was just enough space in the control cavity to fit everything but so far I am...
  3. A

    Best Noiseless Pickups in late 2021

    First post here, and I did do the reading. But, I wanted to ask. It's almost december 2021. What are your prefered noiseless S-type pickups today? Do the EMGs and Lace still hold the top crown? Are the current Gen Fender's as bad as previous ones? What's your pick? I'm not a strat guy. Tele and...
  4. I

    Emg Sa set vs Gilmour set

    Hello everyone, I’m tempted to try some emg Strat pickups, and I’m curious to know if there’s pros / cons concerning the pots that come with the DG set as opposed to the regular pots. Is the expander similar to the mid-boost on a Clapton strat? Would I be better off using the regular emg sa...
  5. 1

    EMGs in a Bullet strat?

    Well, i have been for long overthinking if i should blind order or not the hardtail Bullet strat... Once i pulled teh trigger, i have to say i am super happy with it and it is an amazing and genuine strat for the amazingly small amount of money...! I actually love the stock sound...and almost no...
  6. H

    Lr baggs x bridge with dg20 emgs

    Has anyone on here installed the piezo “x bridge” with dg20s or any emgs for that matter. I’ve found all sorts of talk about installing it with regular passives but I can’t find anything on the x bridge with emgs. I’d like to be able to blend the signals but the preamps are inside the emgs I...
  7. R-Dizzle

    David Gilmour Red EMG Strat Build

    Wanted to document/show you all my recent MJT Strat build. My first Strat I built was the Gilmour Black Strat (check out my media section in my profile for pics on that one). So naturally, I wanted to make my second build after Gilmours Red EMG Strat. This might be a little long winded, so I...
  8. Dick Blackmore

    New Pickup Day

    Got some new pickups in the mail today. Not for Strats but exciting none the less. EMG Retro Active FAT 55-7 These will be replacing the 57-7H and 60-7XH in my LTD 7 String Baritone. Originally it came with 81-7XH/60-7XH but I never got along with the 81 outside of metal, something I play less...
  9. G

    Need opinions on a 1984 Tokai Goldstar Sound

    Hi everyone, first post here. I'm looking for your opinions on a 1984 Tokai Goldstar Sound Strat that I may have the opportunity to purchase. First of all, I'd like to verify that it is indeed a Goldstar Sound of this vintage. The owner says that it was refinished by the previous owner, the...
  10. tundrawalker00

    EMGs with Fishman powered plate?

    Hi all, I'm considering a set of EMG SAs or the DG20 loaded guard, but I hate the idea of digging for a 9v battery. Anyone know if the Fishman rechargeable backplate will work with all active pickups?
  11. Fireball519

    Magneto tone pickups

    I'm thinking about switching back to passive pickups(right now I use Vince Gill Emgs). I was curious about Magneto tone pickups. They make a 50s and a 60s style pickups. I was wondering which may still give a nice clean but a ot of backbone for rock and blues. Any advice?
  12. TheDuck

    HNPuAssDay --- Happy New Pick Up Assembly Day

    Finally took the plunge and replaced my N3s. As much as I liked them, I prefer something with more output. Plus, I am a huge fan of EMGs. Enter ....... my freshly installed EMG DG20 This set up is a beast! It goes from classic Strat tones to an almost 'bucker like roar with ease. I am still...
  13. m37a11

    NGD: New MIM Strat

    My new Arctic white MIM Strat w/ EMG 81/S/S pickups! I also added the locking Fender tuners. I think people either love or hate the pearl pickguard on white, but personally I think the combo looks fantastic.
  14. Z

    Soldering an EMG HZ in with 2 single coils... HELP?!?!

    Hey there ladies and gentlemen! Im new to the group and new to soldering and apparently this is the place to seek some solid advice. I am hoping to solder in an EMG HZ into the bridge position of my project strat guitar, with a single coil in the neck and middle position. I have a 5-Pin...
  15. m37a11

    Upgraded Squier Bullet Strat

    Hi All, I wanted to share a project that I just finished, upgrading a Squire bullet strat! The Guitar I bought this guitar at a garage sale, I thought it would be a fun project to fix up and upgrade. It is a 2012 Squier Bullet HH Strat made in Indonesia (apparently at the Cort factory?). It is...
  16. chefb

    EMG Pickups

    does anybody here know anything about EMG pickups and how they sound on a strat? I'm looking for bluesy to metal sound.
  17. Guy Named Sue

    Enjoy the Silence Pickups

    This video really goes to show how important silence is when playing guitar live on stage in front of a big audience. The EMG pickups that the guitar player are dead silent until he hits the stroke. Also this is one of my favourite songs of Phil Collins