1. E

    Fender American Original '60s Finish

    Hi All, Just wanted to see if anyone has ever seen anything like this or if you own a Stratocaster that has this. I have owned a few and never seen this before. If you look at the attached photo, you'll notice that the top of the guitar is very wavy. If you run your finger across it you can...
  2. 60 60 60

    Fender Strat QC ? American Original series

    Hi all, I’ve recently bought this beautiful American Original 60’s Strat. I must say I’m both impressed and confused at the same time. Firstly it’s an amazing sounding and playing instrument but there are two things I’ve noticed they don’t bother me but it shouldn’t be like this for an...
  3. J

    Help To buy a strat

    Hi, it's my first time buying a fender strat, and i want to ask help, if is a original one, and if is everything alright. the owner send some pics, he said is a 2016 or 2017 fender american professinal. Thx guys
  4. B

    Help me to clarify electronics

    Hi, I'm Beto 👋 First time posting here so I hope I do it right :) The reason I'm looking for help is because some weeks ago I've bought a used guitar. Specifically, a Fender Stratocaster Classic Player 60's. I mostly bought it because i had a maple neck strat and wanted a rosewood neck strat...
  5. E

    Do you like to remove the backplate cover of your strat?

    Most strats dont have recessed into the body backplate or screws, and its a little uncomfortable, so do you guys like to remove it? i am thinking of doing that, will it affect the guitar in any way? the prs silver sky doesnt even use backplate i think..so would it hurt my fender strat to take...
  6. E

    NGD. 1990 Blue Fender Strat M.I.A.

    so i finally got that fender strat. it plays very well, just as good if not better than my previous prs se. it sounds super stratty, everything feels like quality ,..the price was a little stiff, 1300$, but its a good guitar, cant wait to bring this week to my next gigs with the band.. the case...
  7. DarkHawk

    Want to say thank you to everyone who helped me determine this was legit some weeks ago!

    Just got her back from my Luthier - 1988 MIJ - had to put a new bridge on, replace some frets, do a full dressing and shim the neck, the previous owner let it sit for decades - but now she’s perfect. Thanks all
  8. Docpage

    Fender Strat Gig bag…..

    Hey Everyone; Fender gig bag…really good quality, but it’s starting to rip at the seam. Seems a shame to chuck an otherwise solid bag. Any idea for repair? Crazy glue maybe? Thanks!
  9. E

    Update! More advice on fender strats deciding my next purchase?

    if you saw my previous post , i found a 90s strat, which i might pickup next week(first photo)... however i'm just curious if the other strats for sale are better..(all local pickup sales)... 1. Fender MIA 90s standard strat (lake placid blue?, stainless steel frets,) 1200euros 2. Fender MIA...
  10. E

    Help! overpriced 90s usa fender strat?

    hi, i saw recently a 90s fender usa strat in my city,( where i live you rarely see high end guitars for sale, you mostly see entry level instruments) and wanted to buy it, the price seems a bit high tho, they want 1200 euros for it (roughly 1300$),(not sure if it classifies as a vintage guitar...
  11. G

    Pre-cbs vs cbs pickup, suggestion?? Massive Cork Sniff Sniff and rabbit hole

    Hi everyone, Looking for pickup for my strat and what do you guys suggest?? The options that I am interested at the moment: For pre-cbs -Mark Foley PreCBS pickup (apparently “most” accurate to real precbs pickups) -fender custom shop handwound (not sure which type but heard MF precbs may be...
  12. RL21980

    For Sale Bare Knuckle Mother's Milk Strat Set

    Great strat pickups. Nails mid sixties tone. Leads are cut for a clean SSS install. Plenty of wire on there. $250 shipped Continental US only.
  13. C

    Help identify 1984-1987 E series Japan Stratocaster

    Hello, I’m having a hard time identifying a Fender Strat MIJ with E serial number. I can’t have access to the neck or under the hood to identify it properly. It does have the big tram bridge but regular tuners. I am not sure if any work has been done to it or if it’s completely stock. I was...
  14. D


    Just found this site, great info here. we “inherited” a strat a few years back and don’t have the expertise to know how to describe the guitar when put up for sale. The headstock decals seem sketchy, also no serial number. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated, thx.
  15. A

    Identifying 1970 Sonic Blue Stratocaster

    Hi there! I would like some help identifying this Guitar. It's for sale in a shop in Italy. From what I know it's a refin 1970/71 Strat. The middle pickup might not be right and the pots have surely been changed. The neck is definitely correct but I have some doubts about the body... I think...
  16. pgarram

    Fender Vintage Tremolo vs 57/62

    Hi there! I'm building a Partscaster and I'm not sure whether it's worth splashing the cash on a 57/62 Fender Tremolo (£142) vs a Vintage Fender Tremolo (£58). It's a big difference in price for two tremolo systems that look extremely similar. Does anybody know if there are relevant differences...
  17. AznCaster

    Do these colors actually sell?

    Really not into these but been noticing more and more companies using gradient finishes? There are so many solid colors not in their catalogue that would look a lot better on these guitars.
  18. Della Street

    Sale or Trade SOLD 2020 Fender Stratocaster American Professional II Dark Night/Maple

    Under certain angles if you really look, you can see swirls on the pickguard, otherwise perfect. Entertaining offers as I'm having trouble selling locally. Would also trade, with added cash value as applicable for the following: - small tractor, mini-excavator or similar - double-axle...
  19. P

    Should I buy a Noventa Stratocaster and Swimming Pool route it?

    Hello everyone. I've been reading this forum religiously every time I consider buying a Strat. Every time I find good advice. This time, I have a rather weird idea and haven't found a thread to solve it: Should I buy a noventa Strat, and take it to my local luthier/repair guy, and do a...
  20. C

    Replacing the nut

    Hey guy! So Im building a partscaster. I ended up with buying a fender soft V 7.5 neck off of the fender website and it came with a synthetic nut. I popped the nut out and replaced it with a bone nut. I shaved it down with sand paper on the sides to get the perfect fit. It slipped into the slot...
  21. laffytaffy

    Amp Clones vs Real Fender

    Anyone ever compared an amp clone like a kit from mojotone next to an actual Fender amp? Im looking at mojotones 57 tweed deluxe kit and wondering how it would compare
  22. O

    2019 Strat

    I used to play guitar a lot in the mid-90s / early 2000s. Just recently got back into it, and one of the guitars I grabbed was a 2019 MIM Player Strat. I’m looking to replace the pickups. Looking for a nice, full, warm clean tone, as a start off point. Usually play through Fender tube amps. I...
  23. C

    If I Ain't Got You - Alicia Keys. A guitar jam instrumental done on my Fender Strat

    Hi guys, Hope you're all keeping safe and well. I absolutely love this song by Alicia Keys - it's one of her first ones, and I've given it a bit of a twist on the electric guitar, with an instrumental version on my fender Strat playing those lovely R&B-soulful chords. As always thoughts and...
  24. WalterBernards

    Wanted Anyone selling a Black JAZZMASTER??

    Looking for an AVRI 62 or AVRI 65 Jazzmaster in black or Japanese - rosewood fingerboard only good pickups // case would is ideal cheers!
  25. Clickitysplit

    Fender has GAS

    They’ve acquired PreSonus… https://www.instagram.com/p/CY61SZ_oOhx/?utm_medium=share_sheet