1. colaiza1965

    Want gigging again versatile amp

    Hello people. I want to get a Mesa Boogie amp head for gigging. Seem like things are starting to open up and we have a few gigs lined up already. My band plays 70's & 80's covers with strats (single coiled) and super strats (humbuckers). I currently use a Vox AC 30 S1, which I really like...
  2. colaiza1965

    Need a versatile Mesa Boogie Amp

    Hi everyone, I am needing a new amp head. I have a couple of 1x12 and 1 2x12 with celestions. I want to get a MB amp head and I am torn about which would be best for me. I play mostly covers (70's & 80's) with self built strats. They are single coil and humbuckers depending on the song. I do...
  3. RyanDangerMcCall

    Lovepedal Tchula

    I got this thing last week and it's incredible! I've used it for two gigs and I don't see it leaving my pedalboard anytime soon. It's always on and use my volume knob to clean it up. It is the only drive pedal I have on my board.
  4. I

    Amp volume (mic'd)

    Hey guys! I've just started playing guitar in my church and so I have a few questions about amps, namely volume. Before I ask my question, I'll give you guys some details. I've only been playing guitar for about 5 years and money's tight since I'm in college, so my gear is a bit limited...
  5. jrohlf301

    Hi Gain Bass Amp for Guitar?

    I'm planning on getting a bass amp to run my guitar into. I know bass amps don't usually have a lot of gain, but I'm looking for something akin to an Orange Rockerverb or OR100, or like the Sunn Model T Reissue. (The original is too clean personally) I love the bottom end of those two examples...
  6. jertum

    Texas Specials - Lack of Gain?

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and was hoping some of you may be able to offer some advice. I recently bought an American Special Strat and I love it, except one thing that I'm struggling with. I use a Fulltone Fulldrive 3 into a Hot Rod Deluxe and I'm finding that whenever I use the neck...
  7. SharpestTool

    Bassbreaker 15 - Live and home practise

    I am starting this thread for people who own a Bassbreaker 15 and use it for live performances, home practise and for others who are thinking of buying a Bassbreaker. I have owned a BB 15 for about three weeks. I am still discovering the amp and find it quite dark at home at low volumes where I...