1. D

    Reccomend me a replacement?

    I have a 1600 dollar gibson sg special and i have a martin 000 but my mexican fender is and seems like it always will by my number 1 girl. I've swapped pickups quite a few times and earlier in 2021 I put an obsidian wire kit in to convert to hss. (With the 7 way mod.) Currently I have an...
  2. Davono

    A slightly better than novice review of the player series strat

    Hi all. Said I would put this here. Got a Capri PF HSS Strat from the good old M, E & xico. I am a novice guitars, but a bass player to the level of studio work, touring original musician and also have completed a BA Hons in music, so while I am novice at guitar, I know how an instrument should...
  3. S

    Best HSS Replacement Pickups

    Need some recommendations for pickups for a HSS guitar. I don't like weaker pickups such as the Klein Jazzy Cats, but still need something that's not super mid-rangey. Examples will look like this: Lollar Blackface Neck & Middle with a Lollar Imperial in the bridge.
  4. Dani G

    Red Bobbin PICKUPS on a 1986 MIJ Squier ST-336

    Hi guys!! So happy to be here. I just want to know if I have anything special here, or those 2 single coil pickups are just regular japanese "SQ-3 PU", as they call it on the spec charts of that time. My HSS Squier ST-336 had 2 dark copper / red fiber single pickups and a dragster. Dragster...
  5. M

    Versatile HSS wiring needed!

    :thumbd: I’m looking for an HSS/3knob wiring were: 1) Bridge HB sees Vol Pot as 500k 2) Bridge HB split coil PARALLEL with Midd* 3)Bridge HB split coil PARALLEL with Neck* 4) Midd PARALLEL with Neck* 5) Neck* (*= pickups sees Vol Pot as 250k) im thinking of utilising the 2 tones as a Bass &...
  6. S

    What pickguard is compatible with Fender Player Plus Strat HSS?

    Hi. I would like to change the pickguard on my Fender Player Plus Strat HSS (Fender's 2021 MIM line of player strats). What pickguard is compatible with this HSS strat? I have not come across any yet being sold online. Thank you
  7. fleezinator

    Neck + tapped bridge on HSS Performer?

    I’ve got a loaded fender performer HSS pickguard from stratosphere on the way. I’m really digging the tones I’ve heard in demos for the double tap humbucker and I previously had a Yosemite SSS set so I’m familiar with the neck and middle pups. I’m hoping this HSS set is versatile for my needs...
  8. CosmicBlack

    Strat HH pickguard and backplate 1:1 blueprint in .cad .dxf .swg .cdr etc

    Hey, strat builders! I'm going to make an aluminium HH pickguard for my american standard strat using a cnc machine, so I need 1:1 HH or HSS pickguard and backplate models in any format like .cad, .dxf, .swg or .cdr Does anyone knows where can I get it? Thanks.
  9. LeSim

    HSS wiring with 1 vol, 1 tone and 1 blend?

    Hello everyone, I'm a very beginner when it comes to electronics and wiring. I've done a couple of partcasters with basic wiring so far and it was pretty much working as expected! My new project is a HSS partcaster for which I'll be happy to share pictures of when it's gonna be finished :D...
  10. S

    Pickup level balance between bridge humbucker and neck/middle?

    I upgraded my Strat pickups to fender ultra noiseless, which I really like for the neck and middle. But I then further replaced my bridge with a Seymour Duncan Lil 59'er humbucker. I am really liking the combination. My question is about the bridge output level. The humbucker is...
  11. J

    Wiring Diagram for MIJ Squier Contemporary E-Series?

    So, I'm quite new to wiring guitars. As of recently, I have purchased many "broken" guitars on the cheap and got them fixed with much success. Some of them include a 1960's Harmony acoustic and a late-90's Epiphone, but I digress. I have only wired two guitars before including a normal...
  12. S

    Player HSS Hsize and Pup Recommendations

    Hi everyone! I am getting a player HSS that I initially plan to use to play classic rock and punk rock. I am excited to grow into the instrument and use its more versatile sounds. I was initially thinking of replacing the HB with a SD JB to get some Green Day tones, but not dead set on that. A...
  13. S

    HSS with just 2 pot controls?

    Hey all, I posted earlier but I ended up just running into more questions so here goes: How can I wire an HSS to a master tone and master volume and also get an auto coil tap in the 2nd position? A diagram would be amazing but the ones I've found are slightly off from what I'm looking for...
  14. S

    HSS wiring help

    Hey all, I'm trying my first mod/build and want to do an HSS set up, turns out it's kind of complicated due to the cap and pot values being mismatched. From what I understand, my options are either 1 - wire the pups using resistors so the sc's see 250k, hb sees 500k 2 - get overwound sc's so I...
  15. Rails40

    Help Please! Can anyone identify the model of this Mexican Strat

    So far I have gathered that it’s a Mexican made model from around 2008/09, not sure if it’s a player series or what, it has the HSS pickups. Trying to appraise it to trade for a similar value Tele. Any info is appreciated:) thanks!
  16. 98springer

    Coil Splitting Stuff

    I was thinking about the tips for using resistors when coil splitting that eclecticsynergy provided in this post and started googling: https://www.strat-talk.com/threads/pearly-gates-bridge-p-u-in-new-hss.563902/ I found this article on the Lindy Fralin site and decided to post it here. It has...
  17. Starr

    Alvarez Classic Custom

    Since Christmas 1994 my number one guitar has been an Alvarez Classic Custom or an AE30. Usually, when most people see it they're intrigued because they didn't even know Alvarez had ever made electric guitars. I've searched long and hard for specific specs and information on the history of these...
  18. metalshepherd

    Soldering Newbie installing loaded HSS pickups

    I have an old squire strat, the OEM pickups leave much to be desire, I snagged these lower costing pickups which may or maynot be an improvement. However soldering is not my strongest. I have removed the old pickguard and pickups, the "instructions" seemed simple enough, white wire is the hot...
  19. metalshepherd

    Newbie - Need help with wiring - sss squire strat to hss loaded

    I have an old squire strat, the OEM pickups leave much to be desire, I snagged these lower costing pickups which may or maynot be an improvement. However soldering is not my strongest. I have removed the old pickguard and pickups, the "instructions" seemed simple enough, white wire is the hot...
  20. A

    help with Seymour Duncan PUP

    I recently got a hss strat with HB bridge but i cant identify the pick up, its not a full shred cuould you help me? WhatsApp Image 2021-01-22 At 11.01.42 AM by Alessandr0 posted Jan 22, 2021 at 11:12 AM
  21. 19sixty3

    NGD - Midnight Wine Strat content

    Just acquired a Stratocaster so I thought I'd come and join your ranks. It's a like-new 2011 HSS Fender Stratocaster Mexican Standard with a rosewood board. Feels real nice! The color, Midnight Wine, is nothing short of amazing. Played it a bit. Love it. Could not put it down when I got it...
  22. C

    Duncan '59 or 59/C Hybrid for coil-split bridge, and pots in HSS strat?

    For an HSS strat, I'm putting Duncan Antiquity II Surfers in neck and middle and deciding between the Duncan '59 and 59/C Hybrid trembuckers for the bridge, as well as considering a change of pots. Any experience with either of these setups? And tips/advice for pots? How do they compare: - as...
  23. Jossi

    HSS wiring HELP! 1 Vol + 1 Tone, Megaswitch S.

    Hi. Anyone who could help me out... Found this wiring diagram online, it will apparently bring me the pickup setup shown under the diagram. This is the setup I want, but what changes must I do if I remove 1 tone control? I only want 1 Vol and 1 Tone control, HSS and the megaswitch S. I marked...
  24. metrokosmiko

    Alien wiring on American Professional HSS

    First time poster, long time lurker, spent some time on the Gear Page... Hey everyone! I want to do a simple mod to my AmPro Strat HSS to split the Shawbucker in position 2 like in Fender's own Shawbucker diagram: But when I opened up my guitar, this is what I found under the hood: This...
  25. bustoff

    NPID - New Pickups Installed Day

    I have this Jackson superstrat (HSS configuration) that had some seymour duncan pickups and I didn't think they were a good fit for the guitar. The bridge humbucker was an invader which was too high output to pair with the other pickups. A local store sells Porter pickups, which I had never...