john mayer

  1. J

    Will using a strumming pattern thats the same as another song get me sued?

    Wrote a song, the verse guitar part has the same strumming pattern as No such thing by John Mayer. What I want to know is if this can get me sued. The chords I'm using for the verses go from Bmaj9 chord to Emaj9. The Chorus and bridge use a different strumming pattern so I’m not too worried...
  2. DomHawthorn

    Silver Sky project guitar build - Sire S3,Toltec Pickups

    Hi all, First post here, although I've visited the forum many times over the years when researching various things. I just finished a fun project build, modifying a Sire S3 to be somewhat of a Silver Sky style guitar. Super happy with how it turned out. I used Toltec pickups which are hand...
  3. Cartick

    Stop This Train - Acoustic Guitar Cover of this John Mayer Tune

    Hi guys, Hope you have all been safe and well. I've been fascinated by this John Mayer finger style technique - tried my hand at working his great song Stop This Train out. It's a tricky one - hope you guys enjoy it and of course please share any tips/guidance if you have any. Take care all! :)
  4. G

    Mark Foley Pre-CBS 60s (or #1) vs Rocketfire Total 60s

    Hi everyone, Does anyone have in experience using either of these? I am deciding either of these for my strat and they both have good reputation. Which one do you recommend and why? Thanks!
  5. wiryawan

    John Mayer's Gravity...but I made it SAD

    Hello everyone, hope you are all well and healthy I just made a quick cover of John Mayer's Gravity, but I made it really sad by changing the key to mostly minor. Learned how to sing as well and tried to record myself singing, but I apologize in advance if my singing sucks :D Gravity is one of...
  6. guitarman1984

    John Mayer song FULL cover guitar vocals and band

    I like Sob Rock because I can cover some of the songs (difficulty level is not too high). Shouldn't matter but it does, acoustic cover. I have created/recorded the whole thing with GarageBand and my guitar, of course...
  7. thekingzepp

    Help Me Decide Between Silver Sky or Mario Martin

    Hey all, this is my first time posting here in a lonnnggg time. I'm looking to pick up a new S-Type guitar. I currently own a 60th anniversary 1954 AVRI Strat, and a 1993 PRS EG-1 with HSH pickup setup with coil tap. I'm looking to either pick up a PRS silver sky, or custom order an s type...
  8. Feodor

    John Mayer - "Last Train Home" | Guitar Cover with Solo and Tabs

    Hello guys! Hope you’re having a great week so far :) As you may know, John Mayer released today his brand new single “Last Train Home” and here’s my cover (including the solo) If you’re interested, you can find the link to the TABs of the song in the description of the video. Thanks...
  9. Feodor

    Double Stops - Guitar Lesson (Hendrix/Mayer Style)

    Hey guys! First of all thank you very much for your warm reception of my videos on this platform. I really hope these lessons happen to be useful and helpful for you, provide some valuable information and I hope you enjoy this content. This week's lesson is about Double Stops, how we can think...
  10. Tysn23

    Are jazzy cat pickups same as McL Clone pickups???

    Hello everyone, Been wondering this from quite some while now. Are jazzy cat pickups same as McL Clone pickups? Please share your thoughts.
  11. Tysn23

    Line6 DL4 setting help

    Hey all, I recently bought a DL4 by Line6. And as you all know, its a great pedal but with tooo many options to choose from. as many of my folks here. I’m trying to achieve the unachievable John Mayer’s tone and would like to know if anyone has figured out some settings om this pedal that...
  12. gofmusic

    Cool lesson by John Mayer

  13. UmpaHimself

    Mayer Sits in With David Ryan Harris 2/4/20

    Great jam with David Ryan Harris & Friends. John is playing the new Silver Sky Nebula which is very cool and sounds great. All these players are killers though. You may recognize the trumpet player from the Dave Matthews Band and the keyboardist sits in often with local LA collective, Scary...
  14. gofmusic

    John Mayer Guitar Class 2019

    Gotta love this guy, what a terrific player.
  15. gofmusic

    John Mayer itself goes through design of Silver Sky

    Found it really interesting since everyone is talking about it. He explains sound aspects as well as shape design aspects. Nice of him to share such a deep view on his signature guitar. Personally Id buy a fender before a SS, but... to each their own, and this guy is having his own...
  16. gofmusic

    John Mayer Guitar Lesson

    This guys playing is unreal. Cant get enough of him playing a ****in strat. However, he admits he doesnt sweep pick (that must be the only thing me and him have in common :) If you dont want to watch the whole vid, just jump right to the 18th minute where he demonstrates how he likes to play...
  17. John Mayer

    Two Rock VS Fender - John Mayer Tone

    Hey guys, Looking into getting an amp. I am looking for a tube amp which can help capture John Mayer's tone as a whole but in particular the Continuum era. So far I have been able to narrow it down between a Two Rock Studio Pro 22 Head, or a 65' Deluxe Reverb Reissue. My budget is to keep...
  18. S

    That PRS John Mayer Strat is about again...

    Looks like we might actually see it this year, it was teased all last year then never arrived!
  19. jrffite

    All the way to the Edge Of Desire (JM content)

    Musical tastes have greatly evolved, but my affection for John Mayer's music and playing remains. Merry Christmas.
  20. MGriff240

    Wow...First Dead Show Last Night in Philly. O.o

    So I'm a huge John Mayer fanboy, and recently starting trying to get into the Dead...Never really got into them, but I figured it'd be different live and decided to spring for a GA ticket and try to get up close. I ended up 10 feet from the rail and had the time of my life. It's just another...
  21. jrohlf301

    Did They Wear Sandpaper Suits in the 60s?

    I've been looking through some 60s strats just to get a kick out of it. From Rory Gallagher's strat to John Mayer's, it seems as if 60s strats are ridiculously worn. It makes me wonder, is this a coincidence? Was it the jean jackets? Is it just that people ****ed up their guitars in those days...
  22. jrffite

    Since John Mayer is releasing more guitar friendly songs...

    ...I decided to practise.
  23. C

    Trying to understand this solo

    Hi there, I know its not this forum speciality but it is somewhat strat related :rolleyes::sneaky: or it was. I am trying to get into music theory after some years of guitar covers and such and what i try to do is study my favourite solos and try to understand why they do what they do and all...
  24. P

    Like John Mayer Stratocaster

    Hello you all, My name is Marcio, and this is my very first post here. I have been playing for a couple years. Last month I had the chance to put my hands on a John Mayer Stratocaster, I found it really nice, I mean, the frets(6105), the neck, not too thin, or thick, just the ideal for me...
  25. koawood

    special 90s SRV strat + "Super Reverb" = scooped JM midrange

    Played on a very special mid 90s SRV strat. something about these pups and the scooped midrange gives me goosebumps.