1. Fenderbaum

    Schaller Kluson Tuners??

    I thought i had found and uncovered all info about the Kluson vintage style tuners, past and present manufacturers. These showed up on the used market for $35 and i bought them (as pictured) out of surprise and curiosity. Will get them next week. Seller say they are indeed Schaller. By the...
  2. Fendrix

    Vintage tuner bushings coming out

    Hi All, it seems like 2 bushings in my vintage tuners are coming out. When I got this guitar a month ago they were not 100% flat but they did not protrude this much either. One of the bushing seems to be protruding only on one side. The screws on the back of the headstock seem tight. What's...
  3. Yves

    Vintage Style

  4. CPN37

    NGD / New Poster / Staggered or not staggered?

    Hi, I'm new to the forum, and since I had a NGD last week I thought I'd share a pic of my Vintera 70s Strat in Sienna Sunburst which I'm really happy with! I'm no guitar expert, being more of a keyboard player, but I want to get a bit better at the guitar and eventually use it on recordings...
  5. Will13

    Are there "Drop In" Vintage Style tuners for 60's Classic Series MIM?

    Hey Guys, Just wondering if there are 'drop in' upgraded tuners for my 60's classic series Strat (MIM) It Currently has what I believe to be pings (from doing some research) My '57 AVRI has the same exact looking tuners (unbranded on the backing as well) But they feel more sturdy, they're...
  6. S

    Vintage oval tuner, locking, scattered

    Hello, Do you guys know any high-quality tuners that are locking and scattered but also look vintage oval kluson-style? Would be a plus if they also come in rustic finish. Thanks